Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings.  In return, I’d like to share the blogs that I read regularly to try and keep up with things:

PacketAttack – Ethan Banks

I’ve followed Ethan for a long time, ever since he was a CCIE hopeful an blogged about it over on CCIE Candidate.  Now that he’s gotten his CCIE, his new blog at PacketAttack is a great example of how to write informative blog posts and mix a little humor and flair with them to captivate his readers.  His posts are things I would expect to see in reality, but luckily he’s encountered them for me so I don’t have to scramble to find the answers.  Definitely worth a read for you networking people out there.

EtherealMind – Greg Ferro

Greg is a shy and reserved person who never speaks him mind about anything.  Nope, not once.  In reality, however, Greg is probably the most outspoken blogger I read regularly.  He’s never afraid to take people to task about things, and more often than not he’s on the money.  His blog is a great amalgam of short, informative hints about things like Visio design along with his longer “blessays” about his insights into technology and trends.  In his mind, too much networking would be barely enough.  And based on the content of his site, he’s got networking down to a science.  Highly informative and worth the time to check it out.

PacketPushers Podcast

What happens when you take Ethan and Greg and Dan Hughes and get them in front of a microphone once a week?  An hour of pure networking gold.  I’ve been a listener of the PacketPushers podcast since episode 3 or so and I’ve always found it to be a great way to pass the time on my travels.  The quality of the discussions is outstanding.  The talent that guest stars each week reads like a “who’s who” of the networking blogosphere/Twitterverse.  They even occasionally take a chance on the new guys (thanks again for the oppotunity!).  If you want to keep up with whats been going in the networking industry and you’ve got an hour to spare, you should check out PacketPushers.

I’ve recently become a little more of a regular guest on the Packet Pushers podcast, so feel free to hit me up with any suggestions or comments about the show.

Wireless CCIE, Here I Come! – Jennifer Huber

Jennifer is undoubtedly the Queen of Wireless Networking in my book.  Don’t let the CCIE in title scare you.  Her blog has a ton of good info for those just getting started in wireless networking, as well as some dense content for those that are well versed in spectrum analysis and co-channel interference.  She’s been a PacketPushers guest on many occasions and helped develop the PacketPushers Unplugged podcast series that focuses on wireless-specific networking.  If you’re idea of networking is more along the lines of fewer cables, hop on over and check out Jennifer’s work.  You won’t be disappointed.

Stephen Foskett, Pack Rat

Got a storage question? Stephen is your guy.  He’s had quite a bit of experience in storage technology, and his blog is a great way to find out more information about what he sees as the tends and technology that will drive the market.  He’s also an Apple fan, so there’s a lot of good information about Macs and iDevices.  He’s also a driving force behind GestaltIT and the Field Day series for engineers to get some one-on-one time with vendors in a non-pitch environment.  Just be warned:  You better bring your ‘A’ game to the Field Day.  And leave the Magic Quadrants at home.

IOS Hints – Ivan Pepalnjak

Ivan wrote the book on MPLS.  No, really.  His blog is very technically focused on the challenges of newer networking technology, especially in the realm of the datacenter.  He’s got a wonderful take on many of the things that we’re going to see becoming bigger and bigger in the next few years.  He also has a series of webcasts that he puts on to help explain this up-and-coming technology.  Head on over and dig into the mountain of info he’s got available. – Jeremy Stretch

For those of you dipping your toes in the water of the networking world, your first stop should be PacketLife.  Stretch has done an outstanding job of gathering lots of great information together in one spot and making it easily digestible.  In addition, he has downloadable content in the form of “cheat sheets” that you can print out and refer to during your studies.  The true gem, however, is the community lab.  Stretch has put together a collection of routers, switches, and phones and he makes it available for no charge to those that register and schedule time on his racks.  If you can’t afford your own equipment and need a place to study, you should surf on over and register.

In Search of Tech – Matthew Norwood

I’m a big fan of the Network Therapy blog because it tends to deal with some of the more esoteric ideas behind networking.  Rather than focus on the technical, Matthew looks at the thought processes behind what we do and questions some of our basic beliefs and conceptions.  I also like that his posts are of the longer variety.  They are well constructed and quite interesting to read when you get the chance.  I can almost see myself lying on a leather couch while Matthew asks, “So, tell me about your network…”

Matthew recently moved his blog over to, so update your bookmarks and head over there to get your daily dose of network therapy.

FryGuy’s Blog – Jeff Fry

Jeff is a fellow Tech Field Day delegate and has a great blog that is heavy on data center content.  He’s got a lot of great stuff about the Nexus 7k switches and setting up various technologies in the data center.  He also sprinkles in some great posts about his home CallManager Express setup and chasing the CCIE: Service Provider lab.  If you are at all interested in how a data center networking guy does his thing, by all means head over and check him out.

Dane DeValcourt’s Blog

Dane’s blog is a mixture of data center content and voice posts, as he is studying for his CCIE: Voice.  There’s also a fair mixture of posts about HDR photography and fixing a Toyota Highlander (a damn fine car if I say so).  Dane’s strong point is his step-by-step photographic posts about things like putting extra memory in a Nexus 7k or repairing the air conditioner on his wife’s Highlander.  I’m hoping that he keeps up the good work by laying everything out visually as a guide for those of us that are visual learners.  I’m also hoping to drive some traffic his way so he keeps posting away.  Keep up the good work, Dane!

Packet Maniac – Yandy Ramirez

Yandy’s blog has a lot of great content related to routing and IPv6, which is no surprise since he’s studying for his CCIE right now.  Good discussion about LSAs and running your core network over IPv6 link local addressing show some nice “outside the box” thinking.  Toss in some data center related posts and you’ve got a nice read in front of you when you head over there.  Here’s hoping Yandy gets his number, and while he’s at it you can follow along.

Aaron’s Worthless Words – Aaron Conaway

Don’t let the deprecating title fool you, Aaron Conaway has a lot of great words on his site.  Many of his posts take the form of study notes, where Aaron writes down a lot of the things he’s currently studying in outline form for reference later.  Since he’s working on his CCIE at present, there’s a lot of good study material around things like BGP route reflectors and EIGRP route filtering.  Aaron also has some voice-related content on his site, so be sure to flip back in the archives if you’re starting down the road of the dark side.

Just Another Day At The Office – Amy Arnold 

Amy is one of the best voice people out there.  She has done a lot in her time as a Cisco partner engineer and has probably spent more time on the phone with TAC than anyone I know.  She also has a great informal writing style on her blog that presents problems in an easy-to-approach manner.  Highly recommended if you need a good laugh or if you want to cry because of a dial-peer or route plan problem.  Either way, you’re in for some fun.

Vegaskid’s Net – Matt Thompson

Matt’s blog is one that I’ve just recently picked up on my daily reading schedule.  He’s got a great mix of technology posts.  He talks about switches and QoS troubleshooting with the kind of in-depth analysis that people need when approaching new technology.  However, some of his most compelling posts are of the non-technical variety.  I really liked the 10 Tenets of Working in IT post, as it’s something that I think most people that work in IT seem to have forgotten.  The fact that Matt has gone back and expounded on each one in depth with a separate blog post makes it that much more compelling to read.

Wahl Network – Chris Wahl

In the world of networking, storage, and servers today we always talk about convergence.  The magic happens when you combine all three into one package.  So what happens when you find a blogger that does the same?  You don’t have to wonder any longer.  Chris Wahl is a brilliant guy with a VCDX along with a host of other certifications.  He can hold his own in any conversation.  His blog at the Wahl Network is a wealth of good info, especially if you want to start studying for the VMware VCAP certifications.  Also, be sure to ask him about special discounts for Wahl shaving equipment.

2 thoughts on “Blogroll

  1. I am purchasing Flip mino video cameras for a minimal cost for our senior center memory class. When Cisco pulls out Flip video business in 2012, will these still be good video camers?

    • The Flip Mino still takes very good video in MP4 format. You should still be able to use the Flipshare interface to pull the videos off the camera. Since there isn’t any new firmware that will be released, the camera should work fine as a simple video capture device for a good long while. I plan on using mine until the batteries finally give out.

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