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I’m Tom Hollingsworth. I’ve spent been in the Information Technology industry since 2001. I’ve worked with enterprise networking and wireless, server virtualization, and unified communications. A large part of my career was spent in the K-12 education market, so I look at many things from the perspective of education IT. Nothing like the perspective you get from working with enterprise-class networks on small business budgets.

I am CCIE #29213, as well as holding a variety of certifications from Novell, Microsoft, VMware, and ISC2.

I am currently an Event Lead on the Tech Field Day event series, focusing on networking and wireless events. I help enhance interactions between social media influencers and members of the greater IT community.

What I Do

I write about technology and trends in the industry. I analyze networking topics and provide insight and explanation. I also participate in industry events and podcasts in the same capacity. I use my unique perspective to help the community understand difficult technology topics.

I also help encourage writers in the community to begin blogging and create better, more engaging content. By adding voices to the community, everyone benefits from the knowledge and perspective of the members.

What I Don’t Do

This blog is my own personal creation. It represents my thoughts and perspectives. It is not open for sponsored posts or guest blogging of any kind. It has been and will continue to be a repository for my own content.

I also do not provide technical support for issues. And posts that contain technical content are provided for information reasons only. Any steps described that fall outside of supported actions are not the responsiblity of the writer.

The opinions expressed on this blog are my own. The do not represent any employer past or present and should not be construed in such a manner as to be representititve of any organization.

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Copyright Notice

Blog content is ©2010-2023 by Tom Hollingsworth & networkingnerd.net.  Please feel free to quote my writing or link back to my articles, but do not appropriate my content and pass it off as your own. More specifically, due to rampant abuse of these terms you will now be required to obtain explicit permission to repost more than an excerpt from any of my posts. This is necessary due to the number of content scraping sites that will repost my entire work with a barely readable link at the bottom on a page filled with ads. It’s time for this to stop. If you want to repost my entire post you’re going to need to get my permission first. Otherwise, I’ll send the Tumblbeasts to your house.

10 thoughts on “About The Networking Nerd

  1. I too have made 4 CCIE R & S lab attempts. I’ve fallen off my horse at the moment after my last attempt. Inspiring to see you are out there giving it another go. Good Luck!!

  2. Tom,

    I wanted to let you know that we launched a new online community today for a new type of networking expert focused on wireless LAN, security and mobile device management. More information about The Aruba Airheads Community is available here: http://www.arubanetworks.com/company/communities/airheads-community.

    I hope that you’ll stop by, join and work with the community moving forward.

    Best regards,

    Wilson Craig
    Director, Corporate Communications
    Aruba Networks, Inc.
    M 408-516-6182

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