Cisco Live 2017 Twitter List


Cisco Live is one of the biggest networking events of the year. People come from all over the world to attend the biggest networking conference around. Last year, almost 30,000 people lined the halls of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center to hear from Chuck Robbins about his vision for the future of Cisco. With all the changes and new announcements that have happened since then, you can better believe that Cisco Live 2017 is going to be another show you don’t want to miss.

The biggest part of Cisco Live for me for the last few years has revolved around being social. I meet a lot of people at my Bruce Wayne job, but it’s my Batman job that gives me the kind of warm fuzzy feeling that makes my annual trip to Cisco Live all worth while. From old friends running into each other for the first time in years to new friends being made during the live streaming of the keynote, you can guarantee that the relationships built at Cisco Live will live on well after the final chairs are taken away from the Social Media Hub.

The best way to tell the world that you’re coming to Cisco Live is to get yourself on the list! Each year since 2012, I’ve continued the grand tradition of curating a list of people attending the event to help create the kind of connections that make the event so special. If you’re on Twitter and going to Cisco Live, you need to be on this list!

The rules are easy:

  1. Send my your Name, Twitter Handle, Blog or Website, and a short note about yourself
  2. Please send me your personal handle. You may DJ for a corporate account, but unless that’s your only handle please send us the “real” you. Unless you’re @SwiftOnSecurity.
  3. A short note is just that. Not a paragraph or a PBS biography. The table space is short, so brevity is key. Popular items include CCIE numbers, DJ’ed corporate accounts, or amusing things. Be creative!

And with that, here is the the 2017 edition of the Cisco Live Twitter List:

Name Twitter Handle Blog / Website Notes
Tom Hollingsworth @NetworkingNerd CCIE #29213
Jonathan Davis (JD) @subnetwork See you all at summer camp!
Jeff Fry @fryguy_pa CCIE #22061 / JNCIE-ENT #567
Teren Bryson @someclown Doing stuff with things, and other stuff
Ryan Adzima @RAdzima 🖕🏻
Bryan Baize @bbaize CCIE #16139
Darrel Clute @darrelclute
Luis Cerezo @luiscerezo I break things.

Getting On The List

Getting on the list is easy. You can send me an email at You can also DM or mention me on Twitter. You can also use the very handy form below! The list is opt-in, so unless you tell me to add you to the list I won’t put you on there.

Make sure you check out the Cisco Live website for all the latest details on the event, including the keynote speaker, entertainment for the Customer Appreciation Event, and even the list of classes.

I can’t wait to see you all in Las Vegas in June!