Cisco Live 2014 Twitter List


The time has come again for Cisco Live.  This year, we’re kicking things off a bit earlier.  May 18-22, 2014 is the date of one of the largest vendor shows in existence.  We’re headed back to San Francisco.  The last time Cisco Live was in town was 2009.  It’s going to be a fun time for everyone and not the sweltering broiler from last year, for sure. With that in mind, it’s time to fire up the Twitter List for 2014.  This is my third year curating the list and it’s a labor of love.  My inbox fills up with excited folks coming for the first time as well as old favorites and NetVets showing up again.  As before, this list is for people.  I’m happy to put your personal Twitter handle on the site.  For those that DJ corporate accounts, I will list those accounts in the notes if you wish, but the list entry is for you.  Engage with the people at Cisco Live and show them your real face.

Here’s the 2014 List:

Name Twitter Handle Blog/Website Notes
Tom Hollingsworth @NetworkingNerd CCIE #29213
Jeff Fry @FryGuy_PA CCIE #22061
Aaron Conaway @aconaway
Kellen Christensen @chrisTEKit
Matthew Berry @TheWhiteHatGuru CCIE #26721
Jason Beltrame @jmbeltrame
Keith Miller @packetologist 1st Cisco Live
Justin Seabrook-Rocha @xenith 1st Cisco Live
Shannon McFarland @eyepv6 CCIE #2545
Scott Jordan @scottljordan
David Knill @dbknill CCIE #6105
Eric Conroy @ctrl_alt_esc
Charles D. Galler Jr. @twidfeki
Eric Dennington @edennington
Terry Cornman @Ccie11932 CCIE #11932
Jody Lemoine @ghostinthenet CCIE #41436
Teren Bryson @SomeClown
Ryan Adzima @RAdzima
Jeff Pazahanick @jeffpaz CCIE with focus on SP market
Chris Brown @ChrisKnowsIT
Joe Jenkins @undrwatr
Stephen J. Occhiogrosso @StephenO86
David Varnum @DavidVarnum
Roger Weatherford @rdwe
Kevin Davenport @xedin0 8th Cisco Live/Networkers
Mida Solutions @MidaSolutions A Cisco Preferred Solution Developer focusing on UC
Elisa Baldan @MidaSolutions http://
Dan Devlin @realdandevlin 1st Cisco Live in 7 years
James Parker @mr_jamesparker
Dev Oka @dusty_dev First Cisco Live
Rob Coote @Rob_Coote #CiscoChampion, 5th Cisco Live
Matt Oswalt @mierdin
Mike Williams @networknerdmike
William Bell @ucguerrilla CCIE #38914
Dustin Beare @dbeare
Jay Franklin @jay25f Don’t bring me to the CCIE Party.
Amy Arnold @amyengineer
Sam Womack @SamWomack
Blake Krone @blakekrone
The “Big Deal”
Robert Novak @gallifreyan UCS C-Series hardware guy.
Daniel Dib @danieldibswe CCIE #37149
Cisco Champion
Anders Nilsson @HerrNilsson2 Bringing the eduroam everywhere I go
Chris Nickl @ck_nic 1st Cisco Live
Zaib Kaleem @wlanbook First Cisco Live
Dave Phillips @crisponions1
Omar Sultan @OmarSultan
Andy Sholomon @asholomon
Ronald Lopez @rlopsa84 1st Time to CLUS
Steve Harriman @sharriman Long-time Cisco Live/Networkers attendee and exhibitor.
Adrian Whitehurst @chuckles5976
Eugene Blundell @EinsteinOnABike
Josh Kittle @ciscovoicedude
Frank Jimenez @franjimecsco
Ed Henry @Networkn3rd #Sizzle
Scott Empson @ScottEmpson
Ron Fuller @ccie5851 Nexus 7000 TME/Cisco Live Speaker
Kirk Byers @kirkbyers CCIE #6243 (first Cisco live)
John Schreiner @jschrein 1st CLUS
John Welsh @SampleFive First time as NetVet!
Adam Benson @adambenson
Denise “Fish” Fishburne @denisefishburne www.networkworld/community/fishburne
Kyle LePrevost @kyleleprevost First CLUS
Pete Lumbis @tacccde TAC RP Escalation, CCIE/CCDE, Presenting BRKARC-2350 and BRKRST-3363
Craig Johnson @crajohnson NCE at Cisco – specializing in Datacenter. CCIE x3 #6965 Datacenter,Storage,R&S
Chris Driggers @ChrisDriggers
Carl Fugate @carlfugate
Bob McFarlane @BobMcFarlane
Matthew Loraditch @Mloraditch
Tim Riendeau @triendeau interested in SDN & NFV
Benjamin Long @connectedgrid Meters, meters, meters!
Michal Grebac @MichalGrebac
JP Newell @JP2THEn
Christopher Culligan @cmculligan SE @ Cisco, DC focus
Jason Schroedl @JSchroedl
Tim Martin @bckcntryskr http://IPv6 CCIE #2020
Bob Longmore @bobl
Jonathan Dewhurst @jdewhurst13 5th CLUS
Darrel Clute @darrelclute 4th Cisco Live event
Jordan Martin @bcjordo
Kyle Nielsen @nielsenk12
Mike Munoz @prorouting CCIE #9751
Santino Rizzo @santinorizzo
Pete Welcher @pjwelcher 10 in a row, presenting. This year, co-presenting N7K lab session w/ Barry Gursky.
Marcus Lundbom @mlundbom1 4th CLUS, 10th CL 🙂 Mainly focused on UC but with a DC-interest.
Ed Weadon @Avalonhawk
Jonathan Davis @subnetwork
Ravi Mishra @mr_ucs Cisco UCS TME. Tweeting about sessions and various things about UCS.
Denise Donohue @LadyNetwkr CCIE#9566, Solutions Architect for NetCraftsmen, tech author
Dave Nentarz @dnentarz CCIE #5167
Scott McDermott @scottm32768 #CiscoChampion, NetVet
Gary Patterson @garypattersonjr Focused on Security
Steven Robinson @WackoRobie
Kenny Marus @kmarus Nexus/DiData
Jon Langemak @blinken_lichten
Pat Jensen @JensenPat Cisco Collaboration CSE – Bay Area/Silicon Valley.
Christopher Hayre @cchayre
Ted Trentler @ttrentler Cisco Instructor 4th CLUS!
Bryan Baize @bbaize CCIE #16139
Alicia Butler @AliciaJeanB Cisco Live #7. Whoop!
Rachit Gupta @ccie29824 CCIEx2 RS SP #29824 JNCIE SP #2197
David Raney @raneyda CCIE #24900
Mark Snow @highspeedsnow
Rick Vanover @RickVanover Rickatron!
Wendell Odom @wendellodom
Bill Burnam @stilgar #CiscoChampion, NetVet
Travis Newshott @tnewshott Security/Software Defined *
#ciscochampion/Designated VIP
Tony Mattke @tonhe NetVet
George Chongris @th1nkdifferent
Luke Jenkins @wifiluke
Steve Rossen @steve
Kale Blankenship @vCabbage
Samuel Clements @samuel_clements CCIE #40629 (Wireless), CWNE #101
Bob McCouch @bobmccouch CCIE #38296
Nuno Delgado @_killabee_ First timer. Can’t wait!
Ben Mason @suidroot
Kathleen Mudge @KathleenMudge Social Media Manager, Cisco Live
Steffen Thorvaldsen @sthorvaldsen First timer
Jon Cuthbert @joncuthbert First Time – looking forward to it.
Brandon Mangold @SDNGeek
Kevin Tompkins @kevinctompkins CCNP R&S. This year I’ll be a NetVet for the first time.
Jeremy Brown @AKtechtips
Chris Stuart @PUSDcstuart 1st Cisco Live
Travis Schlafke @travis_schlafke CCIE 40949
Rolf Schaerer @SwissCCIE CSE at Cisco
Vivek Santuka @vsantuka
Eric Stewart @BotFodder CCNP
Steve Jordan @ccie11293 CCIE 11293
Jennifer Huber @JenniferLucille
Dan Ryan @danryan06
Patrick Swackhammer @swackhap NetVet
Jon Nelson @JNelso22
Loy Evans @loyevans DC guy, not-just-cli-CCIE #3267
Jawed Lashari @jlashari 1st Cisco Live
Curtis Smith @curt1s Geek
David Caruso @dac303 First timer at #CLUS
Jill Hitt @jillifer19
Joe Kastura @kastjoe Storage CCIE #16738
Wouter Prins @wouterprins First time CLUS, CCIE #25628
Harold Ritter @haroldritter CCIE #4168
Matt McWilliams @MattMcWilliams8 First timer!!!
Paul Stryer @pstryer CCSI, CVP, CCNA,VCP5, Presenting Labs for Jabber/Presence/BYOD
Gerrad Biffle @biffleg NetVet
Fred P. Baker @fpbaker CCIE #3555, Netvet since 2003
Bill Ragan @Bill_Ragan CCNP Security…3rd time at Cisco Live!
Simon Naughton @Norgsy
Steve Brown @netinst
Jason Alert @RoutingNinja CCIE #21656, 3rd CLUS!
Nicole Clinard @NaborNicole #CiscoEWN #CiscoCCP
Scott Morris @ScottMorrisCCIE

You can be added to the list in a variety of ways.  You can email me at  You can DM me on Twitter.  You can send me a mention.  And, new this year, you can fill out this handy form!  Please note that I only include people that specifically ask to be on the list.  You might tell your friends that you’re going to Cisco Live, but if you don’t ask me to be on the list I won’t put you there.  Also, if this is your first Cisco Live, please be sure to let me know.  I’ll make a note of it here so the great people you’ll meet will be able to give you the best Cisco Live experience possible.


Cisco Live has embraced social media in the past couple of years.  The first Cisco Live tweetup was in 2010.  A few hardy souls gathered around a wireless hotspot in the MGM Grand during the Customer Appreciation Event to talk about Twitter and online media.  The next year, I flew in early and decided to post myself outside the registration desk to talk to people as they walked by.  And so began the legend of Tom’s Corner.  Last year, Cisco had an entire social media control center dedicated to tracking metrics and interacting with the users: Look for Teren Bryson (@SomeClown), Ed Henry (@NetworkN3rd), and Patrick Swackhammer (@Swackhap) in the above video.  It’s great to see Cisco taking the initiative and getting behind social media engagement.  But it really comes down to the people.  And that’s what this list is all about. Look for some more Cisco Live social media posts coming up soon, including information on the opening tweetup and a way to finally coordinate the Cisco Live sign picture!  Stay tuned.

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