Cisco Live 2013 Twitter List


Cisco Live is coming to the East Coast this year!  It has been five years since Cisco descended on the sunny town of Orlando, FL.  This year, Cisco will be bringing the nerd roadshow that is Cisco Live to the Orlando Convention Center.  One of the best things about Cisco Live is the networking opportunities that it presents to network rock stars.  Something that is commonly heard from people is that they get to meet some of the most interesting folks while attending.  A few have even said the people are the best reason to attend!

The Cisco Live Twitter List has been going strong for the last few years.  This list exists for all the networkers using Twitter that would like to see who else is attending.  Twitter is not only a great way to keep in touch outside of Cisco Live, but it serves a great function during the event.  By following people that are attending, you can use Twitter to coordinate events, catch up after hours, and even use direct messages (DMs) to communicate when the local cellular network inevitably fails due to the influx of 20,000 extra people.  Having a bird’s eye view of the attendees is a great way to see interest.  Last year, the list had over 100 members.  I’m hoping for at least 150 in 2013.

This year, the list is all about the people.  I know that there are a great many companies that want to announce their participation in Cisco Live.  However, this is about connecting with an actual living, breathing human being.  If you want to have you name put on the list I’ll be more than happy to do it.  I can even tag you company’s Twitter handle in the notes field, especially if you are the flesh and blood human behind it.  I will try to refrain from just putting a corporate handle in, though.  I want this to be focused on the human part of networking.

Here’s the list so far:

Name Twitter handle Blog/Company Notes
Tom Hollingsworth @NetworkingNerd CCIE #29213
Jeff Fry @fryguy_pa CCIE #22061
David Knill @dbknill CCIE #6105
Michael Whaley @pilotmike
Richard McIntosh @ciscotophat
David Yarashus @dyarashus CCIE #2292, CCDE #2012::13
Tony Mattke @tonhe
Rich Hlavin @rhlavin Ford Motor Company DC Engineer
Ron Fuller @ccie5851 Cisco CCIE #5851
Edwin Gonzalez @edwinrg00
Chris Brown @ChrisKnowsIT Florida Association of Realtors Network Operations Manager
Jeremy Filliben @jfilliben CCIE #3851 CCDE #2009::3
Teren Bryson @someclown
Erik Peterson @ucgod Cisco partner voice engineer
James Key @james_key CCIE #25772
Jeff Pazahanick @jeffpaz CCIE #25966
Aaron Conaway @aconaway
Jason Harry @nemesisgy
Steve Rodriguez @WiFiJanitor CCIE #23102
Mario Gingras @gingmar L.A.G. Solutions Réseaux CCIE #7704
Brad McCloskey @bpmccloskey Verizon CCIE #34768
Bill Burnam @stilgar
Jennifer Goff @HRFoodie ABS Technology Architects @ABS_ITSolutions
Alex Hannah @AHannah316 CCIE #25853
Trent Dorroh @trentdorroh
Matthew Stone @BigMStone
Amy Arnold @amyengineer
Jamie Shoup @jamieshoup76 @CiscoPress
Kyle Nielsen @fo0lx9
Scott McDermott @scottm32768
Russ Stewart @rstewart03 CAE
Dustin Beare @dbeare
Benedict Tanjutco @bjtanjutco Nexus IS
Pete Lumbis @tacCCDE Presenter – BRKARC-2350
Mark Snow @highspeedsnow CCIE #14073
Bill Maguire @wfmaguire Jabil Circuit
Michal Grebac @MichalGrebac
Andy Sholomon @asholomon Cisco
Wendell Odom @wendellodom CCIE #1624
Rob Novak @gallifreyan Mouse Data Herder
Kaj J. Niemi @kajtzu BaseN Corporation
Kathleen Mudge @KathleenMudge Cisco
Bryan Baize @bbaize Boson Software CCIE #16139
Edward Henry @NetworkN3rd
Casey O’Looney @olooney Cisco
Scott Morris @ScottMorrisCCIE Copper River IT CCIE #4713, CCDE #2009::13
Mike Munoz @prorouting Core BTS CCIE #9751
Dr. Pete Welcher @pjwelcher CCIE #1773
Kari Gunderson @kagunders Cisco
Per Tenggren @ptenggren
Jake Snyder @jsnyder81
Fred P. Baker @fpbaker CCIE #3555
Jeremy Larson @jerlarso WY, ND, and ID Professional Engineer
Jesse Reed @Jesse_Reed
Marcus Lundbom @mlundbom1 EdgeIT
Mike Williams @networknerdmike
JP Newell @JP2THEn The Apex Group
Brett Belding @bbelding Cisco Senior Manager – Mobility
Jody Lemoine @ghostinthenet Tishco Networks
Brian Kraman @dallas75024 APCON Trade Show Manager
Troy Martin @troymart CCIE #20999
Shannon McFarland @eyepv6 Cisco CCIE #5245
Denise Donohue @denise_donohue Chesapeake NetCraftsmen CCIE #9566
Adam Benson @adambenson VMG Strategic Consulting
Bill Greenwood @bill9177 CCIE #9177
Kevin Wallace @kwallaceccie CCIE #7945 (x2)
Chad Hintz @chadh0517 Cisco CCIE #15729
Cory Cartwright @g1906
Bob McCouch @BobMcCouch CCIE #38296
Cody Burger @Taconole CCIE #28730
Stevan Zupanic @cciestevan Manitoba Telecom CCIE #28741
Lukas Krattiger @ccie21921 Cisco Speaker – BRKDCT-3346
Chris McCoy @chris20854
Craig Schnarrs @the_Wifi_guy
Scott Jordan @scottljordan
Brad Wilkins @WorkingatAdcap Adcap Network Systems
Jessica Clark @cyberdahl @lancope and @netflowninjas
David Brooks @0xDAB
Andrew Yourtchenko @ayourtch Cisco CCIE #5423, BRKRST-2304
Melissa Good @Merwolf Norwegian Cruise Line Manager – Network Operations
Paul Stewart @packetu
Kenny Marus @kmarus Nexus IS
Craig Johnson @crajohnson Cisco CCIE #6965
Ryan Hicks @rchicks00 Insight CCIE #5924, CCDE# 2008::1
Kimberly Schmitz @knschmitz ELoyalty
Patrick Wild @thepatrickwild Presidio
Wave Phillips @wavetech75 PPS
Rick Gergis @rickgergis Netech
Jaap-Jan Pepping @JJPepping Rightfax
Tim O’Brien @twt2tmo RoundTower Technologies CCIE #9015
Chris Bilodeau @chrisbilodeau
Jordan Martin @bcjordo
Stephen Welsh @stephenwelsh CCIE #12345
Brian Dooley @Morinack CCIE #23688
Don Bergen @donbergen
Rolf Schaerer @SwissCCIE Netspring GMBH CCIE #17218, CCDE #2013::12
Tim Dempsey @tdempsey George P. Johnson
Steve Jordan @ccie11293 SHI CCIE #11293
Jamie Shoup @jamieshoup76 Cisco Press @CiscoPress
Rob Coote @Rob_Coote
Pablo Alvarez @radiomen Noble CCIE #28801
Jennifer Huber @JenniferLucille
Stephen J. Occhiogrosso @StephenO86
Ryan Adzima @radzima
Adel Idriss @adoooli
Anthony Sterrett @sterreta Network Engineer
Karen Miller @KarenUpstream Upstream Works Software
Ryan Donnelly @ryandonnelly609
Britton Anderson @brittonanderson
Devan Lim @devan_lim West Australian Newspapers
Michael Percival @mpercival18
Christopher Bell @brotherbell Tower Hill Insurance Group Network Operations Manager
Joe Pelle @Joe_pa78 Cisco
Basile Bluntschli @bassill7 Institute for Networked Solutions CCIE #26034, CCDE #2012::20
Elisa Baldan @MidaSolutions Mida Solutions
Martin Streule @tinustreusalz
Andy Newman @netdogca Trainsignal
Al Sette @bigalsette Cisco National Partners
Eric Dennington @edennington Duke University Health System
Jeffrey Lingle @jrlingle
Jim Jones @k00laidIT
Mathias Seiler @hoempf MiroNet
Christopher Hayre @cchayre Cisco Skeptic
Nate Kaminski @phonehand Lancope
Ajoy Dasgupta @parsectelesyste
Kellen Christensen @chrisTEKit
Jay Franklin @jay25f
Adam Baines @austopsec Cisco Speaker – PNLNMS-3000
Matthew Norwood @matthewnorwood
Rob Michel @robmichel2854 Reed Elsevier Technology Services
Ben Mason @suidroot Logicalis
Christian Talsness @christalsness
Colin Dearborn @ipv6_twit
William Bell @ucguerrilla
Eric Danso @ericdanso BlackBerry Principal Architect – Corporate Security Architecture
Jason Netherland @jlnetherland VAR Technical Lead
Rob Gilreath @robg485 VAR Network Engineer
Dave Raney @raneyda AT&T CCIE #24900
Joel Stokes @joelstokes
Santino Rizzo @santinorizzo Cleveland Clinic Network Engineer
Nestor Ramirez @nestordamus Trace3
Wilman Franco @Wifranco Universidad de los Andes Colombia
George Carr @glc32 Follett Corporation Sr. Network Engineer
Luis Roman @techjetsolution
Janel Kratky @Jlkratky Cisco
Shane Copelin @ShaneCopelin Bridgepoint Education Senior Network Engineer
Chris Wahl @ChrisWahl VCDX #104
Andrew von Nagy @revolutionwifi CCIE #28298
Darrel Clute @darrelclute
Rick Mur @rickmur CCIE #21946, JNCIE-SP #851
Brandon Mangold @sdngeek CCIE #31104
Matt Reath @mpreath Director of Sales Engineering, CCIE #27316
Adam Eckerle @eck79 VAR Technical Lead
Scott Empson @ScottEmpson Cisco Press author
Vinesh Vasnani @vinnyv04 Tufin Technologies
Blake Krone @blakekrone CCIE #31229
Jonathan Davis @subnetwork
Joern Riccius @BerlinNext
Jeff Garvas @JeffGarvas Verizon Wireless
Brant Scalan @fatpacket Presidio
Joel Knight @knight_joel
John Mark Ivey @GKJohnMarkIvey John’s GK blog Global Knowledge Training
JP Leblanc @The_JPL Ubisoft
Alicia Butler @abeuke @netflowninjas
Oliver Garraux @olivergarraux
Michael Bonnett, Jr. @MichaelBonnett Cisco
Manuel Rocha @ccie24137 CDW CCIE #24137
Rebecca Ewing @bexewing George P. Johnson @ciscoliveeurope
Jim Kelly @GeekInAwe
David Machlis @DavidMachlis Intercast Staffing
Robert Sherwin @igo232 Cisco
Matt Klukas @Thepicklzshow PrimeTherapeutics Sr Voice & Contact Center Engineer
Ted Trentler @ttrentler Cisco Instructor
Kevin Phillips @kjp1231 Cisco
Jon Nelson @jnelso22 CCIE #17032
Chris Swizdor @TheSwitchBitch CCIE #8826
Justin Mitchell @imknotar0b0t CCIE #28160
Kevin Davenport @xedin0 City of Texarkana
Cooper Lees @cooperlees Facebook Operations Engineer
Robert Riggle @RRiggleman24 Defense Security Service Network Manager – DC Operations
John Welsh @SampleFive CCIE #20125
George Chongris @th1nkdifferent Presidio Manager – Collaboration Infrastructure
Joseph Gaefe @jgaefe Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions Senior Network Engineer
Patrick Swackhammer @swackhap
Tim Walsh @tmwalsh Sr. IT Architect
Bill Carter @billyc5022 CCIE #5022
Lauren Friedman @lauren Cisco Enterprise Networking
Danielle Livy @GKonCisco Global Knowledge Training
Simon Thibaudeau @NetworkLayers MTS
Doug Pluta @dougpluta Cisco Cisco Social Sentiment Team
Jeff Heim @peak360 Leverage IS
Ed Weadon @avalonhawk
Marko Milivojevic @icemarkom Time and Relative Dimension in Space CCIE #18427
Vik Malhi @vikmalhi IPExpert CCIE #13890
Jonathan Schulenberg @CollabJonathan
Christopher Isaac Cropley @chriscropley
Tom Hill @tweedletom Lakeland Regional Medical Center Healthcare LAN/WAN Guy
Brian Middleton @brianmiddleton Louisiana State University
Jonathan Horn @Dack48 Network & Voice Engineer
Ashley Roach @aroach Cisco Cisco Webex Cloud Platform APIs
Uday Singh @laatsaheeb Data Center networking
Jason Leblanc @tacticalpacket
Jean-François Lévesque @levesquejf
Tim Olson @tjolson19
Kale Blankenship @vCabbage
Carlos Alvarado @carlosalpo GBM Corporation TOP GUN & Solutions Architect
Annette Smallworth @nitroannie
Dave Holman @VoiceCerts
Gary Patterson @garypattersonjr GoHealth CCNP/CCNP Security
Victor Hill @victorgh General Dynamics Information Technology Senior Bit Wrangler
Tom Kacprzynski @tomkac_net CCIE# 36159
Hank Preston @hfpreston Cisco CCIE #38336
Jason DeLeon @fliptrip
George Stefanick @wirelesssguru NSA Show
Hans De Leenheer @hansdeleenheer
Jonathan Boyle @doubleoboyle EDMC
Tim Cappalli @tcappy0707 Brandeis University
Sam Clements @samuel_clements
Steve Robinson @wackorobie
Ron Ijack @ijackron Upstream Works Software
Brian D. Frost @brainboy Seagate
Ken Kizer @kenkizer University of Utah Network Engineer
Nathan Nichols @nate237 INTEGRIS Health
J. Michael Metz @drjmetz Cisco
Dan Munro @danmunro Forbes Contributor
Tristan Rhodes @tristanbob Network Engineer
Ryan Hughes @angryjesters Presidio
Brian Sickles @bsickles Dow Jones & Co. CCIE #2534

If you’d like to have your name added to the list, please feel free to email me here:

I’ll be happy to add you in.  You can also send me a message on Twitter, either a direct message or a quick mention.  All I really need is your Name, Twitter handle, and whatever you’d like to say about yourself in the short notes field.  I’ll only publish the information you want out there.  Some choose to list their CCIE number, others list their other official Twitter handles.  Just remember it’s a note field, not a biography.  If you’d like to be removed from the list, I can do that as well.  I only plan on listing people that ask to be listed, so don’t be shy!

In addition, due to popular demand, I’ve added a Twitter list of the Twitter list.  Metareferential humor never gets old to me.  If you want to have easy access to this list from your favorite Twitter client, you can go to to see everyone above.  I’ll keep both lists updated as more people join.

Jeff and I look forward to seeing all of you in Orlando for Cisco Live 2013.

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