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The world now is more connected than ever.  There are a multitude of ways to get in touch with someone, whether it be email, voice, or instant message.  The trick is knowing how to find them.  That’s why you’re here.


I’m pretty easy to find via email.  I’m Tom just about everywhere.  My primary email is  I check that very regularly.  You can also reach me via my Gestalt IT email as well.  I’m  I check my mail frequently, but if I’m traveling it may take me some time to get back with you.

skype_color02_128x128Instant Message/iMessage

You can find me on Skype via the username khankell.  I try to stay signed in most of the time.  You can also reach me via Apple iMessage through my primary email address,  Since I almost always have my phone or my laptop with me, this is a very quick way to reach me.


I live on Twitter.  It’s always open on my laptop.  When I don’t have a computer with me, I monitor it frequently on my phone or tablet.  You can find me there by my handle @networkingnerd.  Feel free to follow or list me if you like.  You can also DM me if you’d like.  If I’m not following you, just let me know.


I finally caved and created a Facebook page for myself.  Most of the people that read this blog are usually uninterested in what I put on my personal Facebook page, so I wanted a spot for people to follow along with blog posts and various other projects that I have going on.  My Facebook page is

These are the easiest ways to get in touch with me.  I suppose if you wanted to use carrier pigeon, smoke signals, or semaphore that would be okay as well.  If you just need to get in touch with me right away, you can also use the form below to contact me.

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