Packet Pushers

About a year ago, three very wonderful networking people got together to create something exciting.  Greg Ferro, Ethan Banks, and Dan Hughes wanted to get together and start discussing events that happened during the week in the networking world.  While there were many podcasts out there, these guys felt that there needed to be one that spoke a little more directly toward subjects like networking and the data center.  So, they broke out Skype and GarageBand and created Packet Pushers.

Since then, they’ve put out weekly shows about all kinds of topics.  Data center trends, vendor selection processes, and recently a fair amount about IPv6 and the needs and costs associated with switching.  The guest talent that appears is outstanding as well.  People from all facets of the networking world come on and talk shop with the Packet Pushers.  The idea is that by generating conversation about the industry, people can better learn how it works and hopefully gain a little information about things they might not normally touch every day.

I was lucky enough to be a guest on Packet Pushers way back in October and found it to be a very fun time.  It even helped generate a few blog posts on this site.  Since then I became an avid listener, since the hour-long format meshed very well with my long drives for work.  In February, Greg gave me a call and asked me if I wanted to start becoming a regular on the show.  I jumped at the chance for a couple of reasons.  Not only did it allow me to become more involved in the networking world, but it also made me pay attention to the things going on in the networking world so that I might be better able to talk about them at the end of the week.  It helps me stay focused on the world around me and offers the chance for me to jump in and voice my opinion about things.

Packet Pushers isn’t just about the people recording the podcast, though.  It very much relies upon the listeners.  The listeners are a great source for feedback and topics.  We love to get feedback about everything, from show length to wanting to hear more about IPv6.  Feedback lets us know that we are reaching the right people with the right kinds of discussion.  If you want to let us know how we’re doing, drop us a line HERE.  Feel free to leave suggestions as well, as new topics of interest to the community are always welcome.

Remember, too much networking is never enough.

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