Cisco Live 2019 Twitter List

Is it already time for Cisco Live US 2019? This year is flying by! Soon we’ll all be gathering again in sunny (or maybe gloomy) San Diego June 9-14 for all the fun that comes with the biggest networking conference out there! The conference pass structure is the same as it was last year with the Imagine Pass being the lowest-cost option to get you to the floor and anything not in a public space.

Another concern this year is the price of hotels in the Gaslamp area. Despite your personal feelings about cities like Las Vegas, you have to admit they know how to have lots and lots of available, affordable hotel rooms around convention centers. With the glut of hotels in the Gaslamp district adjacent to the San Diego Convention Center and nothing else close by there are high prices already. If you want to be close, you’re going to pay for it. And the San Diego hotels like it that way. If you think Cisco Live pricing is crazy, you should check out the Comicon pricing.

Cisco Live Twitter List

The best way to let people know that you’re headed to San Diego and ready to have some fun at Cisco Live 2019 is getting yourself added to the Cisco Live 2019 Twitter List! It’s been going strong for many years now, starting with Dane Devalcourt, and helps all kinds of people announce that they’re at the event and ready to take part in all the activities.

Want to get on the list? The rules are easy:

  1. Send my your Name, Twitter Handle, Blog or Website, and a short note about yourself.
  2. Please send me your personal handle. You may DJ for a corporate account, but unless that’s your only handle please send us the “real” you. We like to meet people!
  3. A short note is just that. Not a paragraph or a PBS biography. The table space is short, so brevity is key. Popular items include CCIE numbers, DJ’ed corporate accounts, or amusing things. Be creative!

Here is the most up-to-date version of the 2019 Cisco Live Twitter List:

Name Twitter Handle Blog / Website Notes
Tom Hollingsworth @NetworkingNerd CCIE #29213
Hank Yeomans @HankYeomans
Teren Bryson @someclown I do stuff with things, and other stuff
Jody Lemoine @ghostinthenet CCIE 41436
Rob Coote @Rob_Coote
Bryan Baize @bbaize CCIE 16139
Steve Rodriguez @wifijanitor I drink and I know wireless
Darrel Clute @darrelclute
Pete Welcher @pjwelcher
Kweku Folson @ielabgh First time at Cisco Live. From Canada Eh?! CCIE RS #50726
Jamie Jackson @techiejames WiFi engineer in the Big Sky State
Jordan Martin @bcjordo Technical Architect @ Core BTS / Host @ Network Collective / CCIE 43772
Daniel Dib @danieldibswe CCIE #37149 CCDE #20160011
Tim Smith @timjsmith24
Jeff Fry @fryguy_pa CCIE #22061, JNCIE-ENT #567
Kevin Nelson @Kevin_NetEng
Kathleen Mudge @kathleenmudge Cisco Live Social Media Manager
Zig Zsiga @Michael_zsiga CCDE, CCIEx2, CISSP: can’t wait to see you there Tom!
Jasper Bongertz @packetjay Monday & Tuesday only
Matt Ouellette @mattouellette
Blake Krone @blakekrone
Andrew West @blueboxredbox
Alan Wang @lightingguy32
Denise Donohue @LadyNetwkr CCIE #9566
Stephen Cooper @Stephen__Cooper Cisco TSA from Down Under. Coming for the sun and Wi-Fi!
Brian Socia @BrianSocia
Steve Jordan @ccie11293
Jeremy Filliben @jfilliben
Tim Harmon @harmont2004 Live in America’s Finest City!
Stew Goumans @WirelessStew
Michal Grebac @michalgrebac Cisco Finesse Rocks 😉
Bill Shields @HighTechBill Cisco’s Sr. Marketing Manager for UCS Hardware & TCO. Find me in the WoS
Eric Stover @eric_stover
Amy Arnold @amyengineer
Michael Whaley @pilotmike
John Capobianco @john_capobianco Sr. IT Planner and Integrator, House of Commons, Parliament of Canada
Christine Pappas @networkgeekgirl 1st time at Cisco Live. 20yr Prometric employee from MD ready for SD weather.
Johnny Watts @jwCCIEer CCIE RS#61507
Quentin Demmon @thelantamer Preparing for CCIE R/S lab exam
fred p baker @fpbaker CCIE#3555
Daniel Ordóñez @DanielOrdonezMX
Jeff Pazahanick @Jeffpaz CCIE #25966. Director, Service Provider segment @
Alem Nigus @cciealem
Robert Parten @greathairengnr Cisco DC TSA in Houston, TX
Eric Stewart @BotFodder
Bruno Wollmann @wollmannbruno CCIE #19817
Brittany @Britt_Coletti Cisco Partners Social
Silvia K. Spiva @silviakspiva DevNet Community Manager
Ben Story @ntwrk80
Santino Rizzo @santinorizzo
Stuart Clark @bigevilbeard
Jason Greenway @Mad_Packet Cisco Live Newb!
Tom Ugoretz @tjuges CCIE Collaboration #51603
Shaun Bender @welles
Tim McConnaughy @juangolbez EN Practice Engineer with the Customer Engagements team at Cisco
David Patrick Donohue @daviddfl
Scott Lee-Guard @CiscoKiwi CiscoSE leader and proud New Zealander.
Rowell Dionicio @rowelldionicio
Eman @Ccieagent
Jeff Nagel @jjnagel102
Gideon Tam @mfmahler
Nick A @NACiscoLive
Jeremy Landry @southerncyber CSE with Advanced Threat Group @ Cisco Security
Flemming Ortvald @fortvald
Jeremy Bresley @jeremybresley Cisco SE
Robinson Roca @Robinsonroca
Aaron Conaway @aconaway Going to the zoo this year
Ed Weadon @avalonhawk
Denise Fishburne (aka “Fish”) @DeniseFishburne
Scott Empson @ScottEmpson
Dmitry Figol @dmfigol CCIE R&S #53592, Network Automation Engineer
Colby West @netdiagram101 Network Visualization Enthusiast!
David Haygood @iHaygood
Kristen Rachels @KristenHRachels I automate networks
Scott Cantor @idahocorvette
Leonir Hoxha @ccie49534
John Welsh @SampleFive
David Svendsen @DavidSvendsen I vote for CLUS in SD or LV every year
Jody Wherritt @jwn0la Own it!!
Steve Kostyk @lightbulb1
Jason D’Silva @jdsilva
John Mark Ivey @GKJohnMarkIvey I’m back. It will be great to see all theusual suspects again!
Larry Lewis @toastr32 I love SNORTing packets
Jay Franklin @jay25f CCIE #50944
Mira Woods @MediaEagle @ApstraInc
Hunter Gorman @hgormanwaco
Bill Burnam @Stilgar Attending #CLUS for my 10th time!
Nick Stoops @WLANnik Adopting the WiFi knowledge adventure!
Mary Luong @shortanswer_yes Helping Cisco UX researchers listen to you!
David Knill @dbknill CCIE #6105
Peter Jones @petergjones
Kim Austin @techsnarketer Formerly @ciscokima, now at Pure Storage.
Jon Castelhano @jcastelhano First time at Cisco Live!
Kaveer Harie @beavisjd
Steven Rojo @pidooma
Troy Martin @troymart I bring the magic of WiFi to the people!
Jerome Tissieres @AboutNetworks Https:// I’m late.. 🙂

Getting On The List

Getting on the list is easy. You can send me an email at You can also DM or mention me on Twitter. You can also use the very handy form below! The list is opt-in, so unless you tell me to add you to the list I won’t put you on there.

Make sure you check out the Cisco Live website for all the latest details on the event, including the keynote speaker, entertainment for the Customer Appreciation Event, and even the list of classes.

I can’t wait to see you all in San Diego in June!