Cisco Live 2018 Twitter List

It’s time again for Cisco Live on the East Coast! Cisco Live 2018 comes to us again from the Sunshine State in Orlando, FL. It’s good to be out of the blazing heat of Las Vegas and back to the relative sweltering broil that is central Florida in June. This year, Cisco Live is coming in early in the summer to kick off the conference season instead of rounding it out.

The event itself has changed a bit this year. The Imagine Pass is the lowest level of pass that will grant access to the conference. The Imagine Pass is also much more expensive than the social pass options from years past. This could have an effect of limiting the number of attendees and folks that are attending the conference. But time will tell if people find the extra value in all the new additions to the conference and choose to pay the extra cost to attend.

Making The List

The best way to let people know that you’re in Orlando and ready to have some fun at Cisco Live 2018 is getting yourself added to the Cisco Live 2018 Twitter List! It’s been going strong for many years now and helps all kinds of people announce that they’re at the event and ready to take part in all the activities.

Want to get on the list? The rules are easy:

  1. Send my your Name, Twitter Handle, Blog or Website, and a short note about yourself
  2. Please send me your personal handle. You may DJ for a corporate account, but unless that’s your only handle please send us the “real” you.
  3. A short note is just that. Not a paragraph or a PBS biography. The table space is short, so brevity is key. Popular items include CCIE numbers, DJ’ed corporate accounts, or amusing things. Be creative!

Here is the most up-to-date version of the 2018 Cisco Live Twitter List:


Name Twitter Handle Blog / Website Notes
Tom Hollingsworth @NetworkingNerd CCIE #29213
Hank Yeomans @HankYeomans
Jordan Martin @bcjordo CCIE #43772
Bryan Baize @bbaize CCIE #16139
Jody Lemoine @ghostinthenet CCIE 41436
Jeff Fry @fryguy_pa CCIE #22061 / JNCIE-ENT #567
Teren Bryson @someclown Doing Stuff With Things, and Stuff
Eric Stewart @BotFodder
Blake Krone @blakekrone That guy, that does that thing, you know technology?
Jim Jones @k00laidit
Alan Wang @lightingguy32
Samuel Clements @samuel_clements CCIE 40629 (Wireless), CWNE #101, CWJA #5, Ekahau Master #2
Stew Goumans @WirelessStew
Kevin Nelson @Kevin_NetEng
Kevin Blackburn @TheRoutingTable
Scott McDermott @scottm32768 Alpacas & Wi-Fi
Patrick Nefkens @Dutch_Fi
David Knill @dbknill CCIE #6105
Evan Mintzer @evanmintzer
Darrel Clute @darrelclute
Amy Arnold @amyengineer Snark and networking. Snarky networking?
Pat Jensen @jensenpat CCIE Collab #53452. I hike in swamps.
Aaron Conaway @aconaway Woot!
Matt Haedo @matthaedo CCIE #failedthreetimesbuthopetopassonfourth
Daniel Cavazos @wirelessguy_ WiFi Guy who supports WLAN Pros – Ventev Wireless Sales Engineer
Michael Whaley @PilotMike
Tom Ugoretz @tjuges CCIE #51603
Jay Franklin @jay25f CCIE #50944, Proud Supporter of the Anti-Sizzler movement.
Erik Peterson @ucgod
Daren Fulwell @darenfulwell CCIE #20443, CCDE #2015::41, CLUS newbie!
Dmitry Figol @dmfigol CCIE R&S #53592, Python and network programmability enthusiast, Twitch streamer
Jeremy Filliben @jfilliben CCDE instructor, consultant
Joe Cremer @joe_cremer My 16th Networkers/Cisco Live
Shaun Bender @welles
Tim Miller @broadcaststorm
Silvia Spiva @silviakspiva #DevNet
Chris Miles @bgp_mane EPCOT Superfan
Sergei Udovenko @Sergeiu
Matt Ouellette @mattouellette @WoofAurora the Packet Pup
Michael Bryenton @Zepperdude I’m an oldie but a goodie!
Denis Morin @morind74 First Time @ Cisco Live
Brett Lykins @lykinsb Cisco Live always autocorrects to Cisco Love.
Tauni Odia @tauniodia
Robert Boardman @robb_404 @notsominifig
Philip Bachmann @philipbachmann First-timer, open-minded, doing R&S + WiFi, Swiss
Bill Shields @HighTechBill Sr. Marketing Manager handling all things UCS hardware
Eric Taylor @yetimnstr First Time Cisco Live Attendee
Matt Elliott @NetworkBrouhaha CCIE #56011 (Data Center), music lover, beer nerd
Michal Grebac @MichalGrebac
Tessa Mero @tessamero DM or tweet at me! I’m very responsive and friendly!
Tony Cuevas @cuevas27
Chris Traganos @ctraganos VP of Product @
Meredith Schulz @meredithschulz If you use Slack and Spark, let’s talk!
Rich Bayes @CollabRich Collaboration Guru and Xapi expert!
Fred Baker @fpbaker CCIE #3555
John Welsh @samplefive Filming more EngDM episodes!
John McDonough @johnamcdonough Coordinator of UCS Compute via Python and PowerShell
Jason Beshara @JasonBeshara It’s my first time, please be gentle
Stephen Frahm @PDX_UCCE
Kathleen Mudge @KathleenMudge #CLUS Social Media
Santino Rizzo @santinorizzo
Andrew May @ciscodrew56448 CCIE Collab 57448
Michael Kozicki @mkozicki CCIE #5367
Jenn Bryson @someclownswife Supreme overlord of the Bryson household, prefers to called Empress of the Entire Universe, but answers to Jenn too
Kristin Hollingsworth @mrsnetwrkngnerd Wife of @networkingnerd
David Hosler @nostradamus_007
Steve kostyk @lightbulb1 #ineedaplusoneforcciebash
Mark Ashby @NetworkGuy17 Just a network guy trying to get a connection!
Marcus Lundbom @mlundbom1
Keith Starks @lostleadintampa
Judy Carter Grundstrom @judyjudycarter I’m the Digital Content Manager for Cisco Live.
John Hibbs @johndhibbs BRKINI-2764, CCIE #49206
Marcelo @reis_marcelo TECDCN2202: Deploying L2/L3 services over VXLAN using Cisco NSO
Rodger Nutt @ibogey99 Optical Transport!
Shaun Muller @difrncmkr CCIE #39530 – CiscoLive Speaker
Leonir Hoxha @ccie49534 CCIE #49534
Omar Santos @santosomar Cybersecurity
Nick Russo @nickrusso42518 CCIEx2 42518 / CCDE 20160041
Ben Greenbaum @secintsight DEVNET-2164: Threat Grid API
Sunpreetsingh Arora @sunpreetsinghar
Annie Murphy @annieatcisco host and breakout speaker session
Robert Novak @gallifreyan BRKINI-2021
Palmer Sample @PalmerCCIE CCIE R&S 54946
Kevin Kuhls @sdn_dude
Ashley Roach @aroach #DevNet
Hakan Palm @modernistdc LTRACI-2756 Learn to create ACI App Center Apps
Sajith Kaimal @sajithkaimal Cisco Customer Care and Journeys – BRKCCT-1005
Evgeny Mirolyubov @ankanani
Craig Williams @security_craig Be sure to check out BRKSEC-2010 June 14 @ 1pm for Talos Insights: The State of Cyber Security! You’ll hear about the latest in @TalosSecurity threat research!
Mitch Kumar @mitchkumar CCIE Data Center #47369
Frank Kicenko @fkicenko Frank’s Session List Context Service APIs [DEVNET-2325]
Jason Davis @SNMPguy Network Management Lead at CLUS NOC; BRKRST-1014, BRKNMS-2628, BRKNMS-2658
Minse Kim @audiolab #CL2018, [BRKEWN-2034] Anatomy of real-time wireless analytics and troubleshooting using Intelligent Capture with Cisco Aironet
Rasika Nayanajith @mrncciew CCIE#22989 CWNE#153
Chris Brown @ChrisKnowsIT Cisco Champion, NetVet, Nice Guy
Brian Underwood @UnderwoodNC Cisco Champion, Healthcare IT, NetVet
Harold Ritter @haroldritter CCIE #4168
PJ Smith @pjsmithks Imagine a world of intuitive collaboration including emergency notifications!
Thomas Renzy @ThomasRenzy Presenting DEVNET-1797 (Automating ACI with Ansible) and WISP Labs LABACI-1011 (Python with ACI) and LABACI-1013 (Ansible with ACI)
Jeremy Bresley @jeremybresley Cisco SE
Nicole Wajer @vlinder_nl BRKRST-3304 BRKRST-2301 #IPv6 #CSO – Chief Stroopwafel Officer
Peter Jones @petergjones
Alex Oparanozie @lexzon CCIE #35159 Love Tech and gadgets #CFC
Kristy Patullo @kpatullo30 FLPSEC-1404 Cloud Security
Jason Gmitter @jgmitter June 11th 1:30 – Tetration and ACI Better Together BRKACI-2110. Cloud Workload Protection across any floor tile.
David Prall @pralldc BRKRST-2042, CCIE #6508
Ed Weadon @avalonhawk
Rob Coote @Rob_Coote Canadian, eh.
Joost van der Made @IAmJoost CCIE #19958, TECINI-1463 HyperFlex Ins and Outs !
Wendell Odom @WendellOdom Networker. CCIE 1624
Jonatan Jonasson @xnatti CCIE #35262 from Iceland
Mario Gingras @gingmar
Tom Ammon @tomammon
Jerome Tissieres @AboutNetworks Swiss network engineer since 1996
Jose Pereira @zrpereira
Bill Burnam @stilgar
Eyvonne Sharp @SharpNetwork Co-Founder of NetworkCollective
Eric Perkins @perk_zilla Network engineer stuck in the middle with you…
Maria Urlea @MariaUrlea 🙂
Ashley Massone Testa @AshleyMassone
Michael Percival @mpercival18
Andrew Wertkin @awertkin DNS and network security guy. CTO @BlueCatNetworks. Visit me at Booth #1919!
Steve Weiss @StevenWeiss219 that guy from Chicago
Evan Berger @evberg01 The sort of person you know if you know that sorta of person
Jared Wolfe @wifi_wolfe CLUS Newb
Jason D’Silva @jdsilva I like networking 🙂
Richard McIntosh @802Tophat
Dennis Farrell @dfarrell978

Getting On The List

Getting on the list is easy. You can send me an email at You can also DM or mention me on Twitter. You can also use the very handy form below! The list is opt-in, so unless you tell me to add you to the list I won’t put you on there.

Make sure you check out the Cisco Live website for all the latest details on the event, including the keynote speaker, entertainment for the Customer Appreciation Event, and even the list of classes.

I can’t wait to see you all in Orlando in June!