Cisco Live 2016 Twitter List


“Vegas baby! Vegas!” Vince Vaughn in Swingers


It’s time once again for Cisco Live and we’re heading to Las Vegas! I’ve always had a special appreciation for the Las Vegas Cisco Live events. My very first Cisco Live was 2006 in Las Vegas. Five years later was the beginning of something special with Tom’s Corner and the rise of social media at Cisco. While people had been participating in social events and meeting each other through services like Twitter, 2011 felt like the first year that Cisco woke up and realized the power of helping people meet and communicate.

The Cisco Live Twitter list returns this year to help attendees to the event let everyone know that they will be coming and help coordinate meetups and all manner of things that will best be left in Vegas. Make sure that you’re listed before the event to help everyone find you and let you know about the great things that are going on.

As in years past, please make sure that you register on the list with your Twitter handle. With the rise of social media we all seem to be participating in many different accounts and helping our businesses grow through the power of social. But this list is about us getting to know the person behind the @, so let us know who you are. If you would like to list your other account in the notes field, just mention it and it will be added.

Here’s the 2016 edition of the list:

Name Twitter Handle Blog / Website Notes
Tom Hollingsworth @NetworkingNerd CCIE #29213
Jeff Fry @FryGuy_PA CCIE #22061
Aaron Conaway @aconaway No claim to fame
Mike Byers @byersmike2
Pete Welcher @pjwelcher Http:// CCIE #1773 (20 years)
Santino Rizzo @santinorizzo
Bill Burnam @stilgar
Amy Arnold @amyengineer
Shannon McFarland @eyepv6 CCIE #5245
Michael Whaley @pilotmike
Dustin Beare @net_introvert
Kim Pedersen @kpjungle CCIE #29189
Justin Hippen @err_disable
Jordan Martin @BCJordo CCIE #43772
Jamie Shoup @JamieShoup76 @CiscoPress
Eric Dennington @edennington
Jason Taggart @tagman25
David Yarashus @dyarashus CCIE #2292, CCDE #20120013
Harold Ritter @haroldritter CCIE #4168
Kathleen Mudge @KathleenMudge @CiscoLive
Matt Ouellette @mattouellette
Brennan Martin @bmroute
Kerri Lampard @klampard
Erik Peterson @ucgod
Chris Wetzel @cw33wc
Jim Jones @k00laidIT
Mikael @stellen76
Chris Brown @ChrisKnowsIT #CiscoChampion
Darren O’Connor @mellowdrifter CCIE # 38070, First CLUS
Chris Oggerino @coggerin @CiscoPress@CiscoSmartServices
Jonathan Schulenberg @collabjonathan
Brian Smith @elonsmitty
Evan Mintzer @evanmintzer I feel like a kid at the adult table
Daniel Dib @danieldibswe Senior Network Architect | CCIE #37149
Chris Martin @DanceScholar
Tim Miller @broadcaststorm
Robert Novak @gallifreyan Cisco CSE, presenting BRKCOM-2021
Nicole Wajer @vlinder_nl @koala_nl
Fred P. Baker @fpbaker CCIE #3555
Jason Vickers @VickersOnSite
Matt Haedo @matthaedo
Peter Jones @petergjones
Steve Wylie @saintwylie
David Knill @dbknill CCIE #6105
Korey Rebello @koreyrebello
Marena Karasevich @Renegade604
Brad Caplan @Bradcaplan
Jason Taggart @tagman25
Bill Carter @ccie5022
Dennis Heim @CollabSensei Just a collab and lab geek.
Tommy Chism @TommyChism
Scott Empson @scottempson
Jay F. @jay25f CCIE #50944
Steve Jordan @ccie11293
Bryan Baize @bbaize CCIE #16139
Amanda Whaley @mandywhaley Part of Cisco DevNet team
Tom Ugoretz @tjuges CCIE #51603, NetVet
Steffen Thorvaldsen @sthorvaldsen
Jeff Pazahanick @jeffpaz CCIE
Berry Kroeger @berrykroeger
Mario Gingras @gingmar CCIE Emeritus #7704
Robert Graustein @sgraustein
Sam Travis @sam2_travis
Darrel Clute @darrelclute
Mike Walter @zekyl314
Justin Cohen @cantechit
Priscila David @priscila_david
Safa Salwan @sofi207 I bought a ticket for CLUS and I will be there on July! Cannot wait!!!
Patrick Nefkens @thewifidude
Joel Knight @knight_joel CCIE #47321
Anders Nilsson @HerrNilsson2 As always I’m bringing Hälge the Swedish WiFi Moose
Tahir Sharif @tahir_sharif
Dennis Soerensen @DsNetworking
Rita Younger @sdn_girl
Brett Lykins @lykinsb
Kevin Nelson @Kevin_NetEng
Edon Durguti @Edrtz
Steve Kostyk @lightbulb1
Denise “Fish” Fishburne @denisefishburne
Rich Hlavin @rhlavin
David Varnum @overlaid
Steve Occhiogrosso @stepheno86
Marcus Lundbom @mlundbom1 CCIE #45333
Eric Stewart @botfodder
Dennis Boeynaems @bluefridge
Marco Szablewski @marcoszablewski
Ken Hallstrom Meade @HallstromMeade CCIE #50257
Sergio Leandro Fernandes Nunes @NunesShadysn In the Game
Rusty Heird @rheird
Chris Wolfe @_The_Switcher
Kevin Wallace @kwallaceccie
Jody Lemoine @ghostinthenet
Michael Percival @mpercival18
Ashley Massone @AshleyMassone
Stan Yee @stan_yee
Mike Chenault @m_chenault
Ben Mason @suidroot
Richard McIntosh @802Tophat RFC 2549
Garrick Strom @synthe He’s just zis guy, you know…
Safa Salwan @sofi207 Female IT Nerd
Jill Price @JLP_jillprice
Breanna Persson @BreAnnaMBoyd
Decarlious Smith @decsmith50
Bill Dyrek @billdyrek CCIE
Todd Shipway @p0lix
Brian Orrick @borrick
David Grecco @davidgrecco VCP5-DCV, VCP6-DTM
Scott Bussell @swbussell
Rockford Hunt @rockfordhunt in/rockfordhunt
Chris Gal @christophgal
Scott McDermott @scottm32768
Edwin Gonzalez @Edwinrg00
Jonathan Davis @subnetwork
Tammy Burley @ladeegeek
Mike King @mpking828
Cody Burger @taconole CCIE 28730
Wayne Howard @whowardg
Kenyon Dates @3xia APO National SE
Matthew Cox @mattcox4454 Looking forward to networking and seeing all that Cisco Live has to offer!
Robert Boardman @robb_404
Rowell Dionicio @rowelldionicio (Podcast)
Don Nelson @donny2001 Just your classic Wisconsinite with a Cisco Background
Jay Kulkarni @netservllc
Gary Patterson @garypattersonjr
Ed Sumerfield @esumerfd
Ryan Adzima @radzima
Benjamin Good @bmg45404 CCIE #45404
Bob McCouch @bobmccouch CCIE #38296
Brandon Premo @brapremo CCIE #47549
David Raney @raneyda CCIE #24900
Rohit Shetye @BikerRoh
Chris Driggers @chrisdriggers CCIE #17924, Collab dude.
Michel van Kessel @michelvankessel CCIE 44197
Kim Austin @ciscokima Cisco Champion Team, Collaboration Lead
Ronald Lopez @rlopsa84
John Spiegel @Jspieg67
Rick Gergis @rickgergis
Jason Beltrame @jmbeltrame
Bill Shields @HighTechBill PSODCT-1014
Tom Cooper @TomCooperCA First CLUS
Dan White @NetworkCoroner I think the… It’s not the network!
Silvia Spiva @silviakspiva #dCloud
Deb Howard @DataCenterDeb Storage head, Data Center bred, former Cisco, current Pure Storage
Derick Winkworth @cloudtoad
Mitch Dickey @Badger_Fi
Brian Knudtson @bknudtson
Ethan Banks @ECBanks CCIE #20655. But I should really re-certify. Yeah. About that.
Fiona McFarland @fil0ve @bluelinegrid
Matt Melton @mattmelton9 @BlueLineGrid
Anthony Gay @AnthonyGay_26 CCIE 35064
Daniel Augustine @danielaugustine 2nd CLUS, but the first one to socialize!
Khaled Youssef @Khaled_H_Yousef
Ben Curry @bencurry
Craig Lindsey @kc5aug
Josh OBrien @Joshobrien77
Shane Copelin @ShaneCopelin
Rita Younger @sdn_girl
Wayne Simpson @wayneasimpson
Joshua Lee @networkchief
William Bell @ucguerrilla
Mark Snow @highspeedsnow
Mark Turpin @markturpinstl collab guy

Getting On The List

Getting on the list is easy. You can send me an email at You can also DM or mention me on Twitter. You can also use the very handy form below! The list is opt-in, so unless you tell me to add you to the list I won’t put you on there.

It’s going to be an exciting time in Vegas! Make sure to let everyone know you’re going to be there and we can get the party started!