Cisco Live 2015 Twitter List


Cisco Live is going to San Diego! Everyone is back in town for the first time since 2012, which coincidentally was the year I started my run on the CLUS Twitter list. Things have gotten a lot bigger in the social media space at Cisco Live since then. No longer relegated to a corner or the convention center, social media is up front and rapidly becoming a critical part of the experience. The Social Media hub serves as a central meeting point to catch up with friends, meet new and exciting people, and generally relax during the sometimes-hectic Cisco Live experience.

This year, Jeff Fry (@FryGuy_PA) and I are happy to put together the Twitter list once more. This serves as a way for the community to let everyone know that you’ll be at Cisco Live and to look you up when you get there. Lots of community members keep up with the list and plan some of their activities based on the people they see there. You don’t want to be left off!

As always, this list is about people. When you register, please use your Twitter identity. If you would like to identify any corporate accounts you administer or DJ in the notes field, please do so. But let us know who you are so we can connect with you.

Here’s the 2015 List!

Name Twitter Handle Blog / Website Notes
Tom Hollingsworth @NetworkingNerd CCIE #29213
Jeff Fry @FryGuy_PA CCIE #22061
William Zambrano @NYCNetworkers
Brian Smith @elonsmitty
Dustin Beare @dbeare
Michael Whaley @PilotMike
Bryan Baize @bbaize CCIE #16139
Marcus Lundbom @mlundbom1 CCIE #45333
Rich Hlavin @rhlavin Senior Network Engineer – Ford Motor Company
Kim Pedersen @kpjungle CCIE #29189
Kenneth Dacus @sellwoodjunkie UC Admin
Robert Novak @gallifreyan BRKCOM-2021
Daniel Dib @danieldibswe CCIE #37149 – Senior Network Architect
Ben Story @ntwrk80
David Varnum @DavidVarnum All aboard the SDNicorn
Denise “Fish” Fishburne @DeniseFishburne
Scott Sanchez @scottsanchez Because: cloud.
Kathleen Mudge @KathleenMudge Social Media Manager, Cisco Live
Craig Johnson @crajohnson CCIE #6965
Morten Haugan @ccie28826
Bryan Coco @aggieboy96
Eric Stewart @BotFodder CCNP/Attempting IE Written CL Thurs!
Wendi Cannon @wendicannon
Amy Arnold @amyengineer
Per Tenggren @ptenggren CCNP/VCP5-DCV
Steve Leone @SteveLeone
Stephen J. Occhiogrosso @StephenO86 Python all the things!
Erik Weise @etweise
Jordan Martin @bcjordo CCIE #43772
Nicole Judd @cocojudd
Kyle Benning @itcpip
Steve Leone @SteveLeone
Scott McDermott @scottm32768
Mohammad Zahid @mzStanikzai
Elaine Lopes @elopes01
Jason Taggart @tagman25 CCNP/Attempting IE Written @ CL Tues!
Jamie Shoup @JamieShoup76 Social Media & Community Manager, Cisco Press, @CiscoPress
Evan Mintzer @evanmintzer
Steve Rossen @steve
Jeremy Filliben @jfilliben
Eric Dennington @edennington Sr. Network Engineer – Duke University Health System
Richard Foltz @ccie8339 CCIE #8339, R/S, Voice, Data Center
Aaron Conaway @AConaway
Josh Kittle @CiscoVoiceDude
Robb Boyd @RobbBoyd TechWise TV
Jonathan Davis @subnetwork Wireless – the half duplex hub in the sky
Bill Shields @HighTechBill PSODCT1014
Ed Horley @ehorley IPv6 – of course!
Garrick Strom @synthe Not my fault!
Kale Blankenship @vCabbage
Kris Duckworth @tehkayd CUCM, RS, Voice
Colby Collier @ipv4freely
Chris Brown @ChrisKnowsIT
Michael Marvel @mmarvel37122 CCIE #35642
Natheer Al @natheerccie Network Freek
Laura Powers @powersla Head of Cisco Global Media Social Marketing
John Linkowsky @jplinkowsky
Korey Rebello @koreyrebello
Nathan Luea @luea77
Mark Kassing @MarkKassing I love training!
Bill Burnam @stilgar
Ahmed Zerrouki @ahmed_zrrk
John Welsh @samplefive Filming an episode or two while I’m there! (@EngDeathmatch)
Steve Kostyk @lightbulb1 All things Cisco
Liz Pommer @lizzie_p1
Bruno Wollmann @wollmannbruno CCIE #19817
Fred P. Baker @fpbaker CCIE #3555
Michael Miller @ccie28901 CCIE #28901
Lauren Friedman @Lauren
Tim Miller @broadcaststorm
Rob Michel @robmichel2854
John Graham @jograham
Ken Corkins @kcorkins
Erik Peterson @ucgod #Cookies
William Yassinger @wyassinger
Peter Jones @PeterGJones Principal Engineer @ Cisco, NBASE-T Alliance chair
Rick Gergis @rickgergis
David Raney @raneyda CCIE #24900
Rob Coote @Rob_Coote Token Canadian
Eric Conroy @ctrl_alt_esc
Jay @jay25f
Ryan Donnelly @ryandonnelly609
Santino Rizzo @santinorizzo
Ashley Massone @AshleyMassone Cisco Live Ops & Event Experience Team
Terri Johnson @tarot03
Marvin Rhoads @mrneteng Working towards CCIE Security written in 2015
Kellen Christensen @christekit
Ed Weadon @avalonhawk
Ryan Hale @ryanL_h
Keith McGlon @kwmcglon Cisco Live First timer!
Eric Andrews @ericjandrews
Terri Kempthorne @CCIEwidow Happily married, widow comes from the process of hubby studying for CCIE
Steve Rojo @pidooma
Steven Allspach @StevenCCIE46810 CCIE #46810
Ben Skinner @80211_AU
Apeksha @twitapeksha
Brad McCloskey @bpmccloskey CCIE #34678
Markku Leiniö @majornetwork
Andre Forestal JR @Andreforestaljr
Matt Lick @Mlick2
Lawrence Speights Jr. @lspeightsjr
Mario Gingras @gingmar
Jeremy Bresley @jeremybresley
Giovanni Galbizo @GalbizoGiovanni
Anas Tarsha @AnasTarsha CCIE & SDN Enthusiast
Jean Chua @JeanChuaSG
Shane Copelin @shanecopelin
David Freeman @DavidFreeman82
Raj @rajasekarvs
Ryan Adzima @radzima
Tony Mattke @tonhe
Matt Vogt @mattvogt
Chris Jordan @cjordanva
Jake Snyder @jsnyder81
Luke Jenkins @wifiluke
Jay Swan @sanjuanswan CCIE #17783
Ryan Donnelly @ryandonnelly609
The Cisco Hat @theciscohat
Rune Marthinsen @runemarthinsen chasing my ccie r&s numbers!
Blake Krone @blakekrone @NSAShow
Andy Newman @netdogca
Jeff Miller @JeffMillerV2
Carter Burke @cjburke90
Jody Lemoine @ghostinthenet CCIE 41436, Cisco Champion
Anders Nilsson @HerrNilsson2 Beware, the Swedes are back. And we have more bad jokes in store.
Jonathan Davenport @JSDavenport
Daniel Grizzard @dgrizzard
Michael Leonard @michaelcleonard
Tony Harvey @tonyknowspower
Jacqui Murphy @jacquimurphy Will be at the Auvik Networks booth! Stop by 🙂
Shaun Bender @welles I like Tacos!
Ryan Booth @that1guy_15
Mike Hyde @webmany
Ted Trentler @ttrentler
Kerry Komai @eclipsis1 I’m here for the geeks! (Wife of a CCIE)
Wendell Odom @WendellOdom
Kevin Wallace @kwallaceccie CCIEx2 #7945 (R/S & Collaboration)
Nicole Clinard @NaborNicole UC Managed Services Architect
Shane Clinard @ScreamingUC I’m also a Cisco Live first timer!
Martin Kivi @kivimartin Another wifi geek from Sweden
Dustin Schuemann @dschuemann
Paul T @MrPaulAR CCIE #19936
Dan Hertzberg @burneeed
Tim O’Brien @twt2tmo CCIE #9015
Teren Bryson @SomeClown Doing stuff with things since 1992.
Michael Stanclift @vmstan Datacenter, Virtualization
Nick @DefendTheWire CCNP / Cicso Live First Timer!
Jon Hildebrand @snoopj123 CLUS First-timer, Cisco Champion
Justin Seabrook-Rocha @xenith
David Yarashus @dyarashus David’s Netcraftsmen Blog CCIE #2292, CCDE #20120013
Denise Donohue @ladynetwkr CCIE#9566
Carole Warner Reece @cwreece
Abdel-moniem E. REZK @moniemrezk CCIE #18832 Collaboration – Collaboration, SDN, and stuff 🙂
Steven Robinson @WackoRobie Ready to discuss all the things.
Mitchell Zubarev-Foxworth @rotorouter
Shan Nichols @TheShanimal Not a huge Tweeter but feel free to add me to the list.
Eric Railine @erailine NetApp, FlexPod, Cisco Champion
Steve Rodriguez @wifijanitor CCIE 23103, Cisco Champion
David Hailey @dhailey13
Jamie Jackson @techiejames First Timer – Greenhorn – Feed me knowledge!
Chad Gray @thatucdude
T.J. Mitchell @90bluegt CCIE#16217 @PinnacleNetSol
Steve Jordan @ccie11293
Glen @Glentfl
Ryan Bermel @ryanbermel
Michal Grebac @MichalGrebac 2Ring 2Ring Gadgets Gadgets Finesse Finesse
Adrian den Hartog @a_den_hartog @CiscoDC@CiscoCloud
Tina Shakour @tinashakour @CiscoDC
Prakash @Kalsariap
Scott Lowe @otherscottlowe
Silvia Spiva @silviakspiva @CiscoServices, @CiscoCloud
Chris Chubb @chubbchris
Paul Robinson @paulerobinson CCIE 24115
Brandon Premo @brapremo CCIE #47549
John Mark Ivey @GKJohnMarkIvey
Bill Dyrek @Billdyrek
Jeff Nagel @jjnagel102
Tony Ingram @TIngram_ATD
Walter Streeter @writeerase1 CCNP, CCDA
Mario Morales @yodaddy760
James Kazin @jameskazin Can be found hiding in ACI breakouts and labs

Getting On The List

Getting on the list is easy. You can send me an email at You can also DM or mention me on Twitter. You can also use the very handy form below! The list is opt-in, so unless you tell me to add you to the list I won’t put you on there.

We can’t wait to get to San Diego for all the fun this year! It’s going to be a blast. Be sure to let everyone know that you’ll be there as well and we’ll get the party started the right way!

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