Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings.  In return, I’d like to share the blogs that I read regularly to try and keep up with things:

Ethan Banks on Networking

Ethan has a great perspective on the networking world.  He knows the technology and the people behind the scenes to not only understand what technology is doing, but also where it’s going.  His work with Packet Pushers has enlightened us all, but his personal site has even more great information.

EtherealMind – Greg Ferro

Greg continues to be the person in the networking community that speaks the unvarnished truth.  It’s not often what people like to hear, but it is what they have to hear.  Greg’s experience and position in the industry gives him unparalleled access to trends and futures.

PacketPushers Podcast

Packet Pushers is the podcast for networking professionals.  Vendors talk about new technology while industry heavyweights debate design solutions and applications.  With more than 250 episodes (not counting side projects) as well as a health blog with contributions from many industry up-and-comers, you should be following along when you’re driving to work or mowing the yard.

I ♥ WiFi – Jennifer Huber

Jennifer is one of the most consummate and intelligent wireless professionals I’ve met.  She knows how to survey and configure access points, troubleshoot wireless client issues, and she makes great gingerbread cookies to boot.  If you are interested in wireless networking, you need to follow her blog and find out what’s going on in the space with no wires.

Stephen Foskett, Pack Rat

Stephen is a legend in the storage industry.  He knows all about platters and sectors and IOPS.  He is the person to talk to when it comes to enterprise storage.  In more recent times, he is also the driving force behind Tech Field Day.  He has a great view of the entire technology spectrum and knows enough about all walks of IT to be very dangerous.

IOS Hints – Ivan Pepalnjak

Ivan, aside from being a great friend, is a luminary in the networking community.  His regular blog posts cover virtualization networking, carrier networking, and even a podcast with some very fascinating stories.  If you need to know why your system doesn’t work right, he is the one to talk to.  If you want to understand technology at a very deep level, sit down and have a conversation with him.  Just be ready for the ride. – Jeremy Stretch

Stretch is one of the biggest names in network blogging.  His site gets a ton of traffic each day and for good reason.  His posts are concise, easy to follow, and packed full of information.  His routing protocol posters adorn the walls of many IT departments.  His Networking FAQ series should be required reading for anyone breaking into the industry.

In Search of Tech – Matthew Norwood

Matthew has the long form blog post down to a science.  He explores the lyrical side of technology, especially wireless.  He’s a community member that does this for real in the trenches every day, so his experiences are born out of a desire to understand the tech as well as implement it.  He doesn’t post often, but you’ll find yourself reading each one several times.

FryGuy’s Blog – Jeff Fry

Jeff is one of the big names when it comes to Cisco Live.  He’s responsible for helping coordinate much of the social media fun and camaraderie during the event.  He’s also a very bright data center networking professional that has great guides on Nexus switches and Junos.

Just Another Day At The Office – Amy Arnold 

Amy is one of the brightest voice engineers I’ve ever met.  She has fixed more telephone bugs than AT&T.  Her ability to bend fax machines to her will is unrivaled.  Her blog is entertaining and insightful about obscure problems you might face in a voice deployment.  You need to keep this one handy if you hear a dial tone in your future.

Wahl Network – Chris Wahl

Chris is the blogging form of hyperconvergence.  His knowledge of virtualization, networking, and storage helps him understand complex problems.  His work with Pluralsight makes him a familiar voice to anyone that has studied for data center technology certifications.  And his easy writing style helps you learn about complicated technology easily.

2 thoughts on “Blogroll

  1. I am purchasing Flip mino video cameras for a minimal cost for our senior center memory class. When Cisco pulls out Flip video business in 2012, will these still be good video camers?

    • The Flip Mino still takes very good video in MP4 format. You should still be able to use the Flipshare interface to pull the videos off the camera. Since there isn’t any new firmware that will be released, the camera should work fine as a simple video capture device for a good long while. I plan on using mine until the batteries finally give out.

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