Twelve Days of Christmas Networking

In the spirit of Christmas, and because my wife has made me listen to the song about 400 times so far this year, I present the Twelve Days of Christmas, Networking Nerd style.  To save you all the trouble of singing the whole song, we’ll just skip to day tweleve.  On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, the Networking Nerd gave to me:

– Twelve character passwords

– Eleven 802.11n Access Points

– Ten Gigabit Ethernet

– Nine 9971 phones

– Eight-port switch blades

– Seven CCIE Tracks

– Six Hours in the CCIE Lab

– Five Magic Digits! (I hope…)

– Four-port FXOs

– Three Packet Pushers

– Two L2MP options

– And One Goal: To get my CCIE!

Special Thanks to JT (@WannabeCCIE) for giving me the idea for this.

Merry Christmas to all the folks out there.  May your holidays be filled with joy and caring.  May your families not drive you insane, and may your Christmas stocking be filled with all the goodies you asked Santa for.


1 thought on “Twelve Days of Christmas Networking

  1. Merry Christmas back! Thanks for all the really great Posts this year, I’ve really enjoyed reading them. Keep up the awesome work 🙂


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