Things I Learned From Tech Field Day, Part 1

Don’t be late in the morning.  Claire will find you and drag you to the van.

Symantec knows how to cook breakfast.  And they even remember the Diet Dr. Pepper.

Streaming video is frowned upon by almost every cell phone provider.

I’m not the only person that sweats during presentations.

CEOs are very forthcoming with their cell phone numbers.

Drobo means business.  And lots of frosting.

Skype should be disabled during presentations.

Storage companies that dedupe their own names are very meta.

Even a deduped backup is enough to make a Mi-Fi crawl.

Bacon and chocolate-covered coffee beans are the best. bribes. evar.

Charles Babbage built the first computer in slightly more time than it took to talk about it (and I have it on video).

The lack of a console port on the Babbage Difference Engine made me cry a little.

Lady Gaga hates bad restores.

And, the Tech Field Day crew knows how to keep my brain working overtime.

There were a lot a great presentations today with tons of good information that I’m still trying to digest.  Great companies, great stories, and a realization that I’m still very green when it comes to some of the rabbit holes of backup and virtualization.  I promise to give each presenter their due in time, with appropriate information and opinions on each.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day with some more networking-focused companies.  If you’d like to see the live stream of our event, head over to the Gestalt IT website for Tech Field Day 5 ( and watch along with us.  If you have any questions you’d like answered during the presentation, don’t hesitate to shout them out on Twitter with the #TechFieldDay hashtag.  I promise I’ll do my best to keep up and ask away.

3 thoughts on “Things I Learned From Tech Field Day, Part 1

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