Moving On Up

I’ve gone and done it.  I’ve moved my blog from its formerly cozy home at to some fabulous new digs over at  You’ll find, though, that this house looks the same as the old one in pretty much every way so far.  I just shortened the address a little.  Being one of those people cursed with a long last name and working for a company with a long domain name, I get really tired of typing things out and even worse trying to tell people where my blog is.  So, I’ve just decided to make a new name for it.  I’m still hosted through WordPress, so none of that changes.  In fact, the whole process was extraordinarily painless.  I even went to the trouble of setting up Google Apps with my new domain, which took all of half an hour to populate and start running.  That means that I’ve now got a complete presence in the cloud! It also means that I’ve got an e-mail address just waiting for questions and comments that you may not want to leave in public.  Just don’t go to all the trouble of signing me up for strange mailing lists.  I’ve got enough trouble with the ones I’m on now.  You can email me here:


Note that it’s a picture, so CTRL+X and CTRL+V isn’t going to cut it (ha!).  The old domain will still redirect here, so don’t fret about updating RSS feeds or subscriptions or anything like that right away.  You’ll still be able to get here whether you use the long way or the new short way.  Thanks for tuning in and staying with me as I figure out this blogging thing.  I hope my posts have been informative, useful, and above all else funny and snarky.  If there’s anything I can do to make your viewing and reading experience better, you now have a place to let me know.

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