Wireless Tech Field Day Recap: Day 1

Greg is unfamiliar with a substance known as “gravy”

Orville Redenbacher makes a tasty Wi-Fi interference detector

Metageek has the lunchbox all the kids at school want

Eating your own dogfood can be rough in beta

802.11u is something I need to research more

Devin Akin should be the new spokesman for Red Bull

Andrew looks stunning in gold and glitter

AP hide-and-seek works even better when the AP is turned on

One day, I will get to see the computers in the History Museum

Claire and Matthew love taking the scenic route

Tech Field Day Wireless Day 1 is in the books.  Lots of good info, amped presenters, and engaging demos all around.  I once again learned that I have a lot to learn, even about something I thought I was comfortable with.  The amount of knowledge that I am osmosing from the excellent delegates is going to give me a lot to think about and chew on for a while to come.  It’s a very different feel here versus TFD #5, what with all the wireless knowledge concentrated into one room.  Vertical Field Days are a hoot.

If you would like to follow along with the rest of the gang, there are several ways to get engaged.  You can head over to http://www.techfieldday.com and watch the live video stream to see if I’ve lost any more hair this time around.  You can also follow the official Tech Field Day twitter account @TechFieldDay for updates about what’s going on.  If you search for the hastag #TechFieldDay on Twitter, you can see the delegates discussing the presentations in real time as well as seeing the feedback from the presenting companies.  If you have any questions or comments about what you see, don’t hesitate to use the #TechFieldDay hastag to get our attention.  Don’t forget the Tech Field Day is as much about you as it is anything else.  The more knowledge that you can contribute to the gestalt, the better it gets.

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