Tech Movies

On occasion, a trending hashtag pops up on Twitter that I think is quite funny.  Today, it was #TechMovies.  However, I know that most people that follow me probably don’t care to listen to my inane ramblings about these kinds of things.  I’m pretty sure that if I gave it my all, I’d have about 2 followers by the end of the day.  In an effort to spare my followers the horrors that swim around in my mind, I decided instead to post my list to my blog.  Read ahead at your own peril…

Still here?  Okay, here come the #TechMovies:

A Root Bridge Too Far

A View to a TRILL

On Her Majesty’s Shared Secret Service

Event Split Horizon

SDLC Punk!

Friday the 0xd

Licesne to Kill -9

Fort httpd

The ’emerge world’ according to ARP (two for one)

BGP Neighbors

The Matrix “shutdown -r now”

DNS the Menace

The OS X 10.7 Lion King


Hard Route Target

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Enable Secrets

A League of Their PWN

Chitty Chitty ! !

DOS Bootdisk

Universal Image Soldier

Major Version League

ntop Gun

10 Fast 10 Furious

What About Microsoft Bob?

Visual BASIC Instinct

The EIGRP Sanction

Manos: Hands of Fate Sharing

Under Siege 2: Dark Fiber Territory

3 thoughts on “Tech Movies

  1. last Mohawk | more
    man 5 “on the moon”
    One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s xnest
    Kernel Panic Room
    Perl Harbor
    2001: A Backspace Odyssey
    The Da Vinci Source Code
    BladeCenter Runner
    IronPort Man
    The Darkfibre Knight
    The Lord of the TokenRings
    My BGP Neighbor Totoro
    The Fantastic IPv4
    Harry Potter and the Half-Life Prince
    The Perfect Broadcast Storm
    Enemy Of The Port State
    The TxRing
    The configure Terminal

    And some classics:
    Saving Private Ryan … Private Ryan already exists. Overwrite? Y/n
    “May the GeForce be with you!”

  2. Tom, as you can see, you’re not alone with horrors swimming around your mind. There are people out there who will understand you, share your feelings, because they’d gone through the same situations. It’s incurable, but together we can help you learn how to live with it 🙂 (j/k … sorry for spamming your post with comments.)

    I Found some more, many are courtesy of people around and Crazy Talker.

    My Fat Geek Wedding
    Desperate HouseWiFis
    House, MD5
    The Trackpoint Of No Return
    How To Choose A GUI In 10 Days
    A Girl Next Backdoor
    Lost In Rackspace
    cat on >> “Hot Tin Roof”
    The Old Man And The C++
    The Blair Switch Project
    Prison Ctrl+Break
    sleep; less In\ Seattle
    G.U.I. Jane
    Laptop Gun
    DPI Space 9
    Hunt For WRED October
    Packetsize Me!
    Toy Storage
    /etc/shadow Hunter
    Mr. Bin
    Master And Norton Commander
    L.S.A. Confidential
    ESX In The City
    Xen Warrior Princess
    12 Ticket Monkeys

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