Friday (+1) Links – 6/18/2011

So…I might have missed a Friday link post or two.  To be honest, I was so bogged down in last-minute cramming for the CCIE lab exam I didn’t look up to figure out what day it was.  Thankfully, some interesting things have happened in that time, so I’ve got a few interesting things to share:

Cisco Expands UC Virtualization Support To Add HP and IBM 

Until recently, Cisco customers were required to use the Unified Computing System (UCS) platform when running Unified Communications (UC) applications in a virtual environment. On June 7th Cisco introduced a new support model called “Specification-Based Hardware Support“. With this announcement Cisco widens virtualized platform support to include IBM and HP.

For those that constantly complained that virtualizing CUCM/CUC was only possible on Cisco UCS, here you go.  There are a few supported platforms from IBM and HP, but take care that your whitebox server probably isn’t going to ever be supported.

Screw 140 Characters: 32,000 Characters on How to Fix RIM and Blackberry 

Please note that since we wrote this for a class we had some specific items we needed to include, such as specific financial profitability targets for our recommendations, which would otherwise seem pretty odd in a blog post like this.

Good paper outlining the background of RIM and the troubles they’re going through right now.  While I don’t know if RIM can right this sinking ship any time soon, it appears that some people believe that RIM still has a chance to stay relevant.

Stuxnet Deconstructed Shows One Scary Virus 

Ready to shake in your shoes? This video breaking down how Stuxnet works and where it could go next is flat out frightening. (And if this wasn’t a government program, I’ll eat a centrifuge.)

Not surprised in the least.  This is the 50,000 foot overview of Stuxnet with some fancy infographic stuff thrown in.  Great if you’ve been wondering about Stuxnet.  Then head over here and read my ruminations about it.

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