The OEQs Just Flatlined

Okay, 24 hours after my blog post about the imminent removal of the Open Ended Questions (OEQs) from the CCIE Security Lab, I find out that I was not only right, but it is happening sooner than expected.

According to this post:

Effective August 15, 2011, CCIE Security Lab Exam and CCIE Storage Networking Lab Exam, in all global locations, will no longer include the four open-ended Core Knowledge questions.  The removal of Core Knowledge questions allow candidates to utilize the total lab time for configuration and troubleshooting. The total lab time will remain eight hours.

That pretty much puts the final nail in the coffin.  After additional research, I’ve discovered the Service Provider Operations test doesn’t include a “Core Knowledge” section, which is Cisco shorthand for the OEQs.  Along with the revelation that the SP 3.0 lab no longer includes them, this is indeed the end for CCIE Trivial Pursuit edition.

The OEQs were never really meant to do anything more than stem the tide of people “braindumping” the lab.  Rather than go through the trouble of remaking the lab every few months, they evolved the candidate interview section into a mass-produced cheat buster.  I don’t think it was as successful as Cisco would have liked, but it was really just a stop-gap measure until the statistics from the troubleshooting sections could be compiled.  Plus, they needed lead time to get the labs changed before they hemmoraged numbers well north of 30,000.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take the opportunity this weekend to enjoy the long overdue death of my least favorite section of the CCIE lab exams.  Stay tuned, though.  I’ve got some interesting CCIE news coming up after the holiday.

2 thoughts on “The OEQs Just Flatlined

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