Blogging with the Packet Pushers

I’ve always believed that everyone has at least one good story in them.  People have anecdotes about funny times in college or goofy stories about their kids.  Tech-oriented people have even more stories that usually revolve around technology gone bad or interaction with non-technical people.  From the amount of studying and learning that tech-oriented people do, it is inevitable that knowledge is accumulated and waiting to be passed on.  The trick with all these stories and knowledge is finding someone to share it with.

Blogging is my preferred method of getting the thoughts out of my head.  Most of my friends an colleagues do the same.  Some of us have established blogs that have been going for a while now.  Others are just starting out.  However, there are even more of you out there with stories to tell and things to share without a blog.  Maybe you have no desire to keep up with the day-to-day drudgery of maintaining a blog.  Perhaps you don’t think you have enough in you to keep writing day after day.  You have even avoided creating a blog because you couldn’t think of a catchy title.  Let me tell you that I’ve got a deal for you that will eliminate all those issues for you.

As many of you know, I’ve been a regular contributor to the Packet Pushers Podcast.  Recently, Ethan and Greg have redesigned the site and started blogging more and more there.  They’ve also decided to open up the doors and invite some guest bloggers to write content for the site.  This is wonderful for those of you that are worried about blogging.  You don’t have to concern yourself with writing once a week.  Or month.  Or even year.  Just write whenever you feel the need to put something out there.  The Packet Pushers will make sure that everything is spelled correctly and put it up on the site.  You can be sure that your post will be seen by lots of visitors, as the Packet Pushers site gets hundreds every day and several thousand a month.  And you’ll get lots of feedback and comments for sure.

How do you get involved?  Send an email to with the subject line “I Want To Blog With The Packet Pushers!”  You’ll get an account on the website for creating your post and the rest will take care of itself.  I look forward to see some of you writing on Packet Pushers and sharing all you’ve learned.  Remember, Too Much Blogging Would Never Be Enough.

1 thought on “Blogging with the Packet Pushers

  1. Tom, you’re talking directly to me. I’m on it. I started a blog…last year…!, but it never got past the first post and just gathered dust. Much has happened since then and I have recently landed right into my 100% networking job. I want to start blogging now that I have real world material and experiences to write about. I’ll probably keep my blog, but mainly for CCxx study notes. I’ll post the ‘good stuff’ on packetpushers. 🙂

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