Double NAT

I’m sure that you’ve probably seen the now-famous Double Rainbow video somewhere on the Internet or television.  It has spawned thousands of time-wasting videos.  Allow me to make that 1,001.

Gerren Murphy (@Smurficus) threw down the gauntlet on Sept. 27th with this tweet.  I thought it might be fun to try, so I fired up the Flip and promptly got writers block.  How to show what double NAT really looked like?  That’s when I stumbled across the Wikipedia page for carrier-grade NAT.  The picture there served my purpose just fine, so I pulled it up in full screen and let my best method acting take over:

I would like to thank the Academy for any awards I might win in the future.  Although I apologize to my readers for not being as…augmented as the original video director.

If you’d like to learn more about carrier-grade NAT (also called NAT444), please head to Ivan Pepelnjak’s blog and check out his NAT444 post.

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