Nerd Badges

Every nerd needs a badge to proudly display to others to let everyone know to approach with care lest you be regaled with tales of the true origins of Superman or the proper way to denote port address in IPv6 URIs.  It should be something simple that screams to the world that you know way more about something than most people would find useful.  Nick the Angry Cisco Guy came up with a really fun one that people love:

It says everything that it needs to in one simple statement.  And it looks pretty spiffy too.  However, since I style myself as the Networking Nerd and not the Networking Geek, I needed to change it just a bit to conform to my OCD tendencies.  So, with apologies to Nick…:

Cisco Nerd

I think it announces to the rest of the world that you shouldn’t speak to me unless you are prepared to discuss MPLS, BGP, IRDP, GLBP, or any number of esoteric acronyms.

Feel free to use it if you want.

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