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A while back, I took Angry Cisco Guy’s Cisco Geek picture and turned it into a Cisco Nerd picture.  You know, for branding purposes.  Afterwards, I noticed two things.  Firstly, Solarwinds has some great stickers that say things like “Network Geek” or “IOS Geek”.  They seem to be popular with my co-workers.  The other is Netpappy’s current Twitter avatar.  It looked very appealing to me, as it boldly stated who he was and what he was all about.  Taking my preference for nerdiness into account, I figured I’d come up with my own icon set for displaying my talents.  I took the Cisco marketing icons that are almost universally recognized in the networking industry and added a little Photoshop magic.




CallManager (Per request of Erik Peterson)



And even one for the VDCBadgers out there:

Thoughts?  Ideas?  Let me here em!

EDIT: Due to several people using these as Twitter avatars, I’ve resized them so that no dimension is more than 128 pixels, which means it shouldn’t be cut off when you put it into Twitter.  Enjoy!

Yet Another Edit:

Seems that I’ve got a few more icons to add to the pile thanks to some submissions of other vendors material.  I’ll be happy to keep churning these out, but remember that marketing icons make much better source material than wireframes in Visio.  You want something that can be recognized on sight, like the Aircraft Recognition Guides.

Juniper Router:

Juniper L2/L3 Switch:

Juniper Secured Router/Firewall:

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