The Ultimate Cisco Live Attendee

The results are in, and the Ultimate Cisco Live Attendee…isn’t me.  Bummer.  Congrats to Carole Warner Reece from Chesapeake NetCraftsmen for taking home the gold!

In all honesty, I never really figured I was going to win anyway.  There are people that have been going to Cisco Live since it began.  People that are way more involved in tons of aspects that I’ve never even seen.  And yet, I was named a semi-finalist along with my good friend Jeff Fry.  Jeff was a no-brainer because he did some great PR work with Cisco Live leading up to the event.  He was even a recommended read for all the first-time attendees this year.  You can’t knock the guy for being that popular.

I probably wouldn’t have entered the contest if it hadn’t been for the awesome time I had hanging out with all my friends.  Yes, crazy things happened.  Yes, I brought some of them on myself.  However, it all added up to make a great event and give me lots of interesting fodder for my submission video.  All of those things happened to me this year.  Except for my wife threatening to leave due to my overwhelming desire to collect t-shirts (that happens every year).

Here’s my submission video in all its glory direct from Cisco’s Youtube account.  For the record, I did record it on my Cius.

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