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I will be attending the Packet Pushers OpenFlow Symposium at Network Field Day 2 next week in San Jose, CA.  OpenFlow is a disruptive technology that looks to change the way the many of us think about network traffic and how flows are distributed.  It’s still very early in the development phase, but thanks to Ethan Banks and Greg Ferro I’m going to get the change to listen to companies like Google and Yahoo talk about how they are using OpenFlow as well as hearing from network Vendors current supporting OpenFlow initiatives, like NEC, Juniper, and Big Switch Networks.

If you would like to brush up on some OpenFlow topics ahead of the symposium on Wednesday, October 26th, here are some great links to information about the ins and outs of OpenFlow:

Packet Pushers Show 68: Practical Introduction and Application of Ope Flow Networking – Watch this one first.  Greg really breaks down what OpenFlow is what it’s capable of.

Big Switch Network, OpenFlow, and Virtual NetworkingDerick Winkworth has done a great job at the Packet Pushers blog site going into depth about OpenFlow.  He’s an evangelist and has a lot of hope for what OpenFlow can do.  All of his articles are great, but this one in particular shows how one vendor is using OpenFlow.

IOS Hints Open Flow Posts – I’m just going to go ahead and link to the entire list of Ivan Pepelnjak’s OpenFlow posts.  He plays more of the realist and does a great job of digging deep into the current state of OpenFlow.  He’s also quick to keep us grounding in the fact that OpenFlow is still very young and has lots of potential if it ever takes off.  Worth a read after you’ve caught up on what OpenFlow is from the above sources.

If you have any questions about OpenFlow that you would like asked at the symposium, feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll try to bring them up to the panel.  I look forward to attending this great event and learning more about the future of networking.

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