Cleaning Out The Cruft

I spent the weekend doing something I really should have done a long time ago. I went through my piles of technology that I was going to get around to using one day and finally got rid of anything I didn’t recognize. Old access points, old networking gear, and even older widgets that went to devices that I don’t even remember owning.

Do you have one of these piles? Boxes? Corners of your office or cave? The odds are good there’s a pile of stuff that you keep thinking you’re eventually going to get around to doing something with some day. Except some day hasn’t come yet. So maybe it’s time to get rid of that pile. Trust me you’re going to feel better for getting rid of that stuff.

What to do with it? It needs to be properly recycled so don’t just toss it in the trash can. Anything with electric circuits needs to be properly disposed of so look for an electronics recycling facility. Yes, there are stories that electronics recycling isn’t all it’s cracked up to be but it’s better than polluting with e-waste everywhere.

Consider donating the devices to a trade school or other maker space. Maybe they won’t work properly as intended but giving students the chance to take them apart is a much better option than just junking it all. Maybe you’ll inspire the next group of scientists and inventors because your old 802.11g access point fascinated them when they pulled it apart.

No matter whether you recycle or donate you should go through it all. Consolidate and be honest with yourself. If you don’t recognize it or haven’t used it in the last few months you’re not going to miss it.