2014 – Introductions Are In Order

It’s January 1 again.  Time to look back at what I said I was going to do for 2013.  Remember how there was going to be lots of IPv6 in the coming year?  Three whole posts.  Not exactly ushering the future, is it?  What did I work on instead?

It’s been a bit of a change for me.  I’ve gone from bits and bytes to spreadsheets and event planning.  It’s a good thing.  I’m more in touch with people now that I ever was behind a console screen.  I can see the up-and-comers in the industry.  I help bring attention to people that deserve it.  People like Brent Salisbury (@NetworkStatic), Jason Edelman (@JEdelman8), and Jake Snyder (@JSnyder81).

I still get involved with technology.  It’s just more at a higher architectural level.  That means I can stay grounded while at the same time interacting with the people that really know what’s going on.  In many ways, it’s the cross discipline aspect that I’ve been preaching to my old coworkers for years taken to a different extreme.

That means 2014 is going to look much different than I thought it would a year ago.  Almost like I need to introduce myself to the new year all over again.

I really want to spend the next year concentrating on the people.  I want to help bring bloggers and influencers along and give them a way to express themselves.  Perhaps that means social media.  Or a new blog.  Or maybe getting them on board with programs like the Solarwinds Ambassadors.  I want the smart people out there to show the world how smart they are.  I don’t want anyone to go unheard for lack of a platform.

I also really liked this article from John Mark Troyer about creating the new year you want to see.  John has some great points here.  I’ve always tried to stay away from making bold predictions for the coming year because they never pan out.  If you want to be right, you either couch the prediction with a healthy about of uncertainty or you guess something that’s almost guaranteed to happen.  I much prefer writing about what I need to accomplish or what I think needs to happen.  You really are more likely to get something accomplished if you have a concrete goal of self advancement.

Every new year starts out with limitless potential.  Every one of us has the ability and the desire to do something amazing.  I’ve never been one for making resolutions, as that seems to be setting yourself up for failure in many cases.  Instead, I try to do what I can every day to be awesome.  You should too.  Make 2014 an even better year than the last ten or twenty.  Learn how SDN works.  Learn a programming language.  Write a book or a blog or a funny tweet. Express yourself so that everyone knows who you are.  Make 2014 the year you introduce yourself to the world.  If you’ve already done that, make sure the world won’t forget you any time soon.

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