Write Like The Wind


At the beginning of 2013, I looked at the amount of writing I had been doing.  I had been putting out a post or two a week for the last part of 2012.  Networking Field Day usually kept me busy.  Big news stories also generated a special post after they broke.  I asked myself, “Could I write two posts a week for a whole year?”

The idea is pretty sound.  I know several people that post very frequently.  I had lots of posts backlogged that I could put up to talk about subjects I never seemed to get around to discussing.  So, with a great deal of excitement, I made my decision.  Every Monday and Thursday of 2013 would have a blog post.  In all, 105 posts for the year (counting this one).

Let me be the first to tell you…writing is hard.  It’s easy enough to come up with something every once in a while.  I personally have set a goal of writing a post a week to make sure I stay on track with my blog.  If I don’t write something once a week, then I miss a week.  Then two.  Next thing you know, six months from now I’m writing that “Wow, I haven’t updated in a while…” post.  I hate those posts.

Reaping What You Sow

Not that my life didn’t get complicated along the way.  I changed jobs.  My primary source of material, Tech Field Day, now became my job and not something I could count on for inspiration.  Then, I took on extra work.  I wrote some posts for Aruba’s Airheads Community site.  I also picked up a side job halfway through the year writing for Network Computing.  I applied my usual efficiency to that work, so I was cranking out one post a week for them as well.

My best laid plans of two posts per week ended up being three.  I wrote a lot.  Sometimes, I had everything ready to go and knew exactly what I wanted to say.  Other times I was drafting something at the eleventh hour.  It was important to make sure that I hit my targets.  Some of my posts covered technology, but many more were about the things I do now: writing, blogging, and community relations.  I’m still a technical person, but now I spend the majority of my time writing blogs, editing white papers, and talking to people.

I found out that I like writing.  Quite a bit, in fact.  I like thinking about a given situation or technology and analyzing the different aspects.  I like taking an orthogonal approach to a topic everyone is discussing.  Sometimes, that means I get to play the devil’s advocate.  Other times I make a stand against something I don’t like.  In fact, I created an entire Activism category for blog posts solely because I’ve spent a lot of time discussing issues that I think need to be addressed.

The Next Chapter

Now, all that being said, I’m going to look forward to writing in the future.  I’m probably going to throttle back just a bit on the “two posts per week” target.  With Network Computing going strong, I don’t want to compromise on either front.  That means I’ll probably cut back a post or two here to make sure all my posts are of good quality.  More than once this year I was told, “You write way more than you need to.”  In many ways, that’s because there’s a lot going on in my brain.  This blog serves as a way for me to get it all out and in a form that I can digest and analyze.  I’m just pleased that others find it interesting as well.

Tech Field Day is going to keep me busy in the coming year.  It’s going to give me a lot of exposure to topics I wouldn’t have otherwise gotten to be involved in.  Hopefully that means I’m going to spend more time writing technical things alongside my discussions of social media, writing, and the occasional humorous list.

I’m not out of ideas.  Not by a long shot.  But, I think that some of my ideas are going to need some time to percolate as opposed to just throwing them out there half baked.  Technology is changing every day.  It’s important to be a part of what’s going on and how it can best be used to affect change in a world that hasn’t seen much upheaval in the last decade.  I hope that some of the things I write in the coming months will help in some small part to move the needle.

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